Let's keep the celebration going with a brand new release video!

@gnome would be great if GNOME had its own peertube channel – just saying ;)


Yes, please consider it. Even if it just a mirror of the youtube channel.

Besides the youtube 👎 part. It would make that fediverse users can better follow your video channel.


@gnome the Gnome team can't get enough praise for this launch. I haven't been this excited for a software release since I was a teenager.

Amazing work by both the software, design, and marketing teams.

Will donate :)

@gnome But the question is... minimum requirements?

@gnome Great video! Your marketing for this launch is on-point.

@gnome can't wait for debian 12 for it to be my daily driver

@gnome This video brought a smile to my face, congrats on its creator, and to all who contributed to this release!

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