Authenticator helps you keep your authentication secure with a second factor and it's been freshly ported to GTK4 by @bilelmoussaoui . Grab it while it’s hot!

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@gnome @bilelmoussaoui I find Authy to be pretty good. But it's proprietary.

@yara @gnome @bilelmoussaoui I love Aegis on Android and Pass-OTP on Linux. This looks sleek too

@EvilBetty @yara @gnome I plan to add Aegis backup file support so that you can keep a safe copy in your desktop client ;-)

@yara @gnome @bilelmoussaoui yes so what I do is import them to aegis using the qr code scanner. Then there is a backup to plaintext option. I take that backup file and import into pass via the pass import tool.

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