Apostrophe is a clean and intuitive Markdown editor designed for those who love distraction-free writing. It's packed with features like dark mode, multi-format export, and inline preview.

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@gnome wow, just checked it and it looks great! plus it renders math! 🎉
Thanks for the rec!

@gnome if it can't do vim keys (hjkl and stuff), then it's pretty much unusable :D

@gnome Apostrophe is the best Markdown editor in GTK I used

@gnome I've used Apostrophe since it was called Uber Writer, and I can honestly say it is my all time favorite markdown editor. It's clean, simple, and it gets out of the way when you need it to.

@gnome Is there going to be upcoming support for Mermaid charts? If so, this would be my goto markdown editor.

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