We have resolved our patent case with Rothschild Patent Imaging. We thank our pro-bono counsel - Shearman & Sterling LLP for representing us.

@gnome hell yeah! Thank you for fighting for all of us!

@gnome I have a really hard time in believing this:

> Leigh Rothschild said “I’m pleased that we have managed to settle this issue amicably. I have always supported the innovation of open source software and its developers and encourage its innovation and adoption.”

Rothshield is a known and famous Patent Troll. So Why is Gnome going along in this frame of painting Rothshield as the good guy, when he obviously is not?

@gnome Just to be clear.

I'm very happy you fought the fight. I'm immensely grateful for your time and effort. And happy about the outcome.

It's just that I feel there's something iffy here. But maybe thats my dislike of patent trolls speaking, IDK.

Sorry if I sounded negative towards you!

@berkes Considering Rotschild is nothing but a patent troll, does it really matter that he's allowed to frame it like this?

If he ran a actual company producing actual products it might have mattered, but Rotschild only makes money off lawsuits. As long as he didn't make any off this one it's a win.

@sab It matters that Gnome presents him as 'good towards Open Source'.

When he certainly is not that. To me, it smells like 'his side of the deal': "I'll let you go, but you'll have to tell everyone that we're not a bad company."

The important part is not that Gnome walked away unharmed from a patent troll, but that this troll was there in the first place. The only win, is when that troll crawls away harmed, hit, or killed.

@GNOME It's a bit unclear from the post, but was there any money exchanged for the settlement?
@Maltimore @GNOME Found the answer myself, from a thread on reddit:

"No money was paid."


Which makes this a massive and important victory for free and open source software!
Thank you @GNOME!

@harald @gnome @maltimore open source lost this case.

The patent troll got a confirmation that the patents are valid, which is the only thing the troll cares about to extact money from others.

Once it was clear that they wouldn't get any money from gnome, this is a big win for them.

@tokudan @GNOME

open source lost this case

I disagree. Not only has all current and future patents held by this person/troll/company been made free to use for all free and open source software, but it has also sent a strong signal to other patent trolls that there's no money to be gained by attacking free- and open source projects.

Yes, they can still use their bogus patents to troll proprietary software, but not free software. While I would like to see all patent trolls perish slowly in agonizing pain, and all software patents abolished and rendered invalid permanently, I also think it's fair to let proprietary software fight it's own fight.

@tokudan @harald @gnome
Interesting take. I don't know much about patents. How do you know that this case is evidence for the patent being valid?

@maltimore @harald @gnome They had an agreement, which is an indication that Gnome does not deny the patent.
The troll can claim that they successfully defended their patent and reached an agreement out of good will, which is everything they need to look good.
So now they're in a better position against others that they want to exact money from.

@gnome A little sad that you still allowed them to patent troll other companies. Was hoping you would get them invalidated.

"GNOME was represented pro-bono by Matt Berkowitz, Kieran Kieckhefer, Joy Wang and Larry Crouch from Shearman & Sterling LLP."

So what was done with all the donations for this specific cause then?

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