We have resolved our patent case with Rothschild Patent Imaging. We thank our pro-bono counsel - Shearman & Sterling LLP for representing us.

@gnome hell yeah! Thank you for fighting for all of us!

@GNOME It's a bit unclear from the post, but was there any money exchanged for the settlement?
@Maltimore @GNOME Found the answer myself, from a thread on reddit:

"No money was paid."


Which makes this a massive and important victory for free and open source software!
Thank you @GNOME!

@gnome A little sad that you still allowed them to patent troll other companies. Was hoping you would get them invalidated.

"GNOME was represented pro-bono by Matt Berkowitz, Kieran Kieckhefer, Joy Wang and Larry Crouch from Shearman & Sterling LLP."

So what was done with all the donations for this specific cause then?

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