Our GNOME 3.32 release is on the horizon, and it is jam-packed with goodies of all sorts! We have major performance improvements, fractional scaling, deeper Flatpak integration, and much, much more. What are y'all most excited for?

.@gnome fractional scaling in Gnome 3.32! Looks like I'll finally be able to upgrade my Ubuntu :-)

@gnome performance improvements and the gtk3 Gparted version

@gnome performance improvements always, after that: flatpak gtk theming :)

@gnome the best new feature is that it has logged me out to GDM 3 times in 20 minutes :p

@gnome Fractional scaling sounds interesting! Is there anywhere I can read more about that feature?

Most excited for Nautilus hopefully not killing whole Gnome Shell every time I’m trying to search remote machines… 😬

Performance improvements are amazing! And Wayland session is really nice, ever with nvidia binary blob.

Great job! Thanks!

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