GTK 3.24.3 is available. And here is an update on theme changes:

@gnome uhhhhhh
this is probably for the better, but isn't it just a theme update?

@solarkraft @gnome no - the theme hasn't changed with 3.24.3 - this post is about an upcoming theme change that we want to test before GNOME's UI freeze for the next release.

@brainblasted @gnome "It should be emphasised that these changes are confined to Adwaita itself"
I find the naming confusing and expect most consumers will too. This really isn't a change in GTK itself (right??), but Adwaita, so why not call it Adwaita 1.1, ship it with some new version and be done?

@solarkraft @gnome Adwaita is shipped as part of GTK, so there's no separate versioning or shipping. During the testing period, the new theme will be shipped with a separate name, and if all goes well it will be merged into GTK.
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