We just turned 21, what an amazing journey it has been! Tweet us your cool stories about working with GNOME.

@gnome happy birthday. Used Gnome2 back 2010 with Ubuntu. Then Gnome3 happened and I switched to XFCE and later Openbox with Xfce-panel. Tried Mate, in fact I am still using Mate-applications, but the environment seemed too in contrast to xfce. I try to avoid Gnome applications. I am liking my windows border and normal menues.

@gnome #opensource ? shouldn't that be #freesoftware or #foss? GNOME would not exist without #gpl, just like the rest of #linux ecosystem and open source is just a way for business to extort community efforts and lower the cost of development without giving back

@GNOME Congratulations, and thanks for all your hard work to keep free software viable! But tweet? Let's use the free social web instead! The platform neutral verb "send" would be a better choice. Greetings from Hubzilla!
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