While we have for a while been making sure that people who make code and translation contributions to Geary are acknowledged in the NEWS and THANKS files, we haven't really been acknowledging people who have been contributing in other ways. While we figure that out, here's a stop-gap list of people:

* Andre Klapper (bug triaging)
* Federico Bruni (bug reporting and fix testing, Discourse answering)
* Martin Mayer (bug wrangling and updating)
* Tobias Bernard (interface design)

Also to people who have been donating cash on Librepay (you know who you are), and the many people who report bugs and follow through with more information and testing when required.

All of the bug reporting, updating, and testing are just as essential as the development and translation work, and Geary wouldn't be as solid as it without that. So, thanks!

If you'd like to contribute, regardless of whether you can code or not, there's a bunch of helpful ways listed here: wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Geary/Cont


For what it's worth, here's a likely very incomplete THANKS file:


Geary is Free Software, being built by people, for people. ✌️ ❤️ 💻

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