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🥌🥌 Geary 3.38 is out! 🥌🥌

This new feature release rolls up six months of new features, bug fixes, server compatibility improvements, and translations in over 20 languages for both the interface and the online help manual, all contributed by the community.

Major new features include support for plugins, including several plugins out of the box, cleaning up messages older than the account download preference, and more.

See the full details here:


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We're excited to announce the official release of GNOME 3.38 "Orbis"! After months of work from the GNOME Community, this release brings many new features and improvements. It also brings us a new release video!

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@geary Most privacy policies: “These are the things you lose by using this app”

This privacy policy, mostly: “Here’s how this app protects your privacy!”

It’s honestly refreshing haha

It was pointed out on GNOME Discourse that Geary doesn't have a privacy policy. We probably should, so a draft policy has been written.

Please do have a read and let us know if you have any feedback:

Geary 3.37.92 has been released, the third and last beta before 3.38. This is a bugfix and translations update release. Barring any new show-stoppers found, this release is code-complete for 3.38.

As with previous betas, you can test this out by installing the nightly Flatpak build:

Please provide us with feedback if you do!


As with the first beta, can test out beta 2 by installing a nightly build:

Please provide us with feedback if you do!

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New Geary releases out today: (stable) and 3.37.91 (beta 2).

Both of these include fixes for a security vulnerability (CVE-2020-24661), affecting people who both use self-signed certificates and do not use gnome-keyring-daemon.

They also contain various minor bug fixes and translation updates.

The new stable release is now available on Flathub. Distributions are highly encouraged to package and distribute this release via their normal security update channels.

Geary 3.37.90 has been released! This is a beta release on the road to the forthcoming 3.38 feature release.

The new release comes with a number of improvements, including honouring account download settings for cleaning up as well as downloading old email, and support for plugins to expand Geary's features:

You can test it out by installing a nightly build. Please provide us with feedback if you do!

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🦄 Geary 3.36.0 has been released! 🍃🍃

A new composer, undo everywhere, and finally no more accidentally archiving emails when you press the A key. 😅


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