Want 28% off a Librem 13 v4 with secure hardware kill switches? Well we have a sale on our UK and German keyboard models. Get the base version for $999 and use those savings to get more ram and a large SSD #purism #lbrem13 #linux #linuxlaptop shop.puri.sm/shop/librem-13/

@frn2000 @purism #PureOS is based on #Debian testing release. It does not come with #Tor preinstalled. See "How PureOS differs" for specifics! puri.sm/posts/what-is-pureos-a

@mibo @purism Sweet, thanks for the information (correction)

No #Tor in the default install but can be installed because #Pureos is #debian based.
Use #tails if you want a full tor integration

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