I want to get a feature (dumb) phone. There's something about limitations (lots of limitations like in this video without audio).

How KaiOS is catching up with Android

, the next ? Maybe, just maybe as the "default" for feature phones... even better as a replacement for on old phones.

By the way, phone, so cool but too expensive ($60) for a feature phone running applets.

FRN2000@VintageOS @VintageOS@twitter.com

Will @KaiOStech@twitter.com become a replacement to in old phones bringing back touchscreen support? I have an old phone that I could gladly flash with the latest version .

KaiOS is doing well in India, but it’s pulling some big numbers in US too

I continue with my with . US mobile carriers like that cater to older people seem to use feature phones only powered by . Does this mean that I have to wait another decade or so to buy one?

Why can't we have phones like in the US? These are great emergency mobiles for younger kids who don't spend hours on-line or playing or games.


message I sent KaiOSTech (@kaiostech@twitter.com) via Twitter, no idea if they'll ever respond...

Where can I get a device (no mobile service) in the that I could test, play around with and write a report about? By the way, is there a keyboard (similar to ) and/or touch screen version?

@frn2000 Does the Nokia 8110 4G count as a KaiOS device? It is supposed to be available internationally, according to Nokia's website.

@c According to , the only products they have in the are and (~$40), not even the .

`KaiOS Technologies @KaiOStech
Replying to @VintageOS and @nokia
You should be able to find Tracfone MyFlip or Alcatel GoFlip 2 – these are the ones available specifically for the US/Canadian market.`

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