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Our dear friend, maintainer Chief developer and contributor Areeb Jamal passed away in Aligarh, India. He was the developer of many projects and a friend to humanity. He will stay forever in our hearts and our memory

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While I was putting together slides for yesterday's @fossasia talk, I wrote a blog post. It's basically one section of the talk in greater detail:

#FOSSASIA2021 #interpeerproject

For those who've been asking for the interview with Greg K-H , check out the stream of Day 4 Summit 2021 at 4:00:40 session videos will be available after the event, subscribe to channel for new videos

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Are you watching the livestream of @fossasia Day 4? You can join at Love the enthusiasm speakers bring to the topics and engagement with the audience questions.

Greg KH is on air sharing his journey in Kernel Development with the goal to make run on everything Join now to ask him questions live

Tuesday 16 March 14:00 (SGT) Greg Kroah-Hartman is giving a Keynote on Kernel Development at the Summit. Check out

In 10 mins @konrad is speaking on "-based, fully distributed Bank and Exchange" (Hyperledger Iroha), installation at Source Summit. Join him here

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Invitation #FOSSASIA2021, Singapur - all online:

This Saturday (in two days) 12:30 CET 👍

Topics: #I2P, #Blockchain (Hyperledger Iroha), #DIVA installation.

This presentation is more technical than at #FOSDEM 21 🤓 . Duration: 25 minutes.

Tickets are free 🍭 (however: it is necessary to click the blue botton and do a sign up - maybe fossasia wants to simplify this process in the future 😀 ).

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