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@forgefriends #ForgeFederation monthly update is 🗓️ September 24th 5pm UTC+2 and open to everyone.

* Software Development
* Collaboration with #Gna, #Forgefed & #Gitea
* Transparency and funding

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@forgefriends #ForgeFederation monthly update is 🗓️ August 18th 11am UTC+2 and open to everyone.

* Software Development
* Collaboration with #Hostea, #Gitea, #Forgefed
* Diversity
* Transparency and funding

It's been a crazy busy month since the last post!

🌺 Object capabilities and federated authorization almost done in ForgeFed spec, basic backend implementation in Vervis but without UI yet

🌺 Federated MR/PR/patch now coming to ForgeFed spec, basic backend mostly implemented in Vervis, no UI yet

I'm now working on the MR UI, hoping to have a federated MR demo deployed by September 30!

Thanks to @NGIZero for funding this work!


Finally finished a huge Vervis commit and now resuming work on Object Capabilities in ForgeFed! And I've published my work schedule for these 2 funded months where you can see how I'm doing:

If you have an idea for a better way of publishing that schedule, let me know!

Are any of you following the progress of federation in Gitea? I'm looking for a way to keep you updated ^_^ for now here's the task list:


Good news, the ForgeFed funds allocated by NLNet are still available to use! Until October 1. So I'm going to spend the next 2 months working hard on ForgeFed and Vervis ^_^

Planning to do 4 of the 20 tasks in the funding plan:

* Teams, groups, roles, access
* S2S object capabilities
* Opening and merging Pull Requests
* Pull request lifecycle and code review

Huge thanks to NLNet for funding this important and precious work!



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A must read to understand what #forge #federation is about and what is going to happen.

The "State of the #Forge #Federation: 2021 to 2023" report was published today on the @forgefriends blog. It contains a retrospective of what happened in the past year and explains what is likely to happen in the next twelve months.


- Moved repo to, and development has resumed with new contributors!

- Site is now at!

- Chat is at, on IRC/Matrix

- Forum is moving to

- Gitea federation is WIP

- I've resumed work on Vervis, intending to relaunch it and put federated patches/MRs in the spec

- Simplified 1st spec draft is WIP

- I may step down at some point, project future seems bright now ^_^


There's a ForgeFed video conference meeting today!

Sorry for announcing on the last minute, I've been AFK for over a week "^_^

You're all welcome! Even if just observing silently as a guest.

Recording and decisions made will be published of course :)


Hello forge federation visionaries 🙂

New contributors wish to revive and continue work on ForgeFed! We're going to figure out the details together, to staff roles and responsibilities and access to project resources, and make sure everyone's needs are taken into consideration, both old and new contributors.

I'll keep posting here about this transition.

May the forge federation be with us soon ^_^


Q: What's going on, is ForgeFed like dead or something?

Short A: Very possibly.

Long A:

I've considered spending weekly time on the laptop, but my soul just isn't calling for it. So is ForgeFed dead? Maybe. But you could bring it back to life. Want to work on it? Let me know and I'd love to help/mentor people to continue working on this project or to work on related stuff.

I do hope to document all the stuff I've coded but haven't put in the spec yet.


Excited about but unsure what the status is? 😅

Want to help but unsure how? 🤔

Wondering what's separating us from having a fediverse of forges? 🤓

How do we, the free software community, stop depending on proprietary centralized tools and switch over to a free, by-the-people, decentralized hosting and collaboration platform?

I have an idea: Let's start doing biweekly/monthly community meetings! What do you think?

Please vote, and also comment and share your thoughts 😊


Hi Fedinauts!

I'd done very little ForgeFed work in the last few months, first because of the covid mess and then because I've been very active in Extinction Rebellion.

This week I'm finally spending time coding again, implementing basic OCAPs for authorization when processing a request to merge a Merge Request / patch. So the whole workflow will be possible: Open a MR, comment on it, submit updated versions, & finally merge it into the repo. And all of this will be in the specs :-)


@Sandra there's a reference implementation called Vervis, and we're also implementing in an existing forge, Pagure. So, it's not just a spec 🙂

However AFAIK nobody is working on implementations for GitLab and Gitea :-/


@TheMainOne several people have looked into it, but AFAIK nobody is working on it. If anyone wants to work on it, let us know ^_^


Finally writing another little update ^_^

Opening and closing tickets is implemented. Submitting patches / merge requests too.

Now implementing updates to MRs and merging MRs. Then updating the spec.

Huge thanks to @NGIZero for the funding!

I hope we can make a patch/MR federation demo sometime soon.


@Sandra yes things like tickets and merge requests, not VCS internals (I don't think there's a need to represent Git's internals in ActivityPub, how Git or any other VCS stores things shouldn't matter to federation).


@humanetech no significant news right now but it's a good reminder for me to keep posting here about what's going on 🙂

I jumped to implementing federated ticket dependencies, to give more time for discussion about the vocabulary for patches and merge requests. Also made progress with OAuth2 for use by the client app. Also made important upgrades to reusable AP tools in Vervis.

I'll write soon where there's more exciting stuff to say ^_^


Progress update yay! is working on the foundations of federation in Pagure, representing objects using ActivityPub & delivering activities between servers.

@jazzyeagle & ikomi started working on a client app for Vervis! And I'm so grateful for their help! It will connect to servers using ActivityPub C2S and some forge-related vocabulary we'll define in ForgeFed.

I'm implementing federated patches & merge requests in Vervis, going to put this in the ForgeFed spec draft soon.


Finally we signed the funding plan with NLNet!!! 😀 Thank you @NGIZero for this amazing opportunity! 🙏🏼

We're working, and we're so excited!! more news soon, including the actual project plan :-)

Tbh I'm also scared a bit, there's so much work to do! But bit by bit, we'll get there 😊


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