Finally finished a huge Vervis commit and now resuming work on Object Capabilities in ForgeFed! And I've published my work schedule for these 2 funded months where you can see how I'm doing:

If you have an idea for a better way of publishing that schedule, let me know!

Are any of you following the progress of federation in Gitea? I'm looking for a way to keep you updated ^_^ for now here's the task list:


@forgefed i'm following the development in the sense that i follow this account and check out all announced progress

i don't test or go deeper into it. i'm waiting for it to finally land in gitea for end-users. that will be awesome!

@forgefed I am not a developer or anything, just a user annoyed by the current state of things so I don't follow any development on Gitea but I am happy to follow this Mastodon account, a RSS feed or something similar. My recommendation to keep the most interested people up to date would be to stay active on Mastodon and Sync that with Twitter. That's relatively low effort but still very effective :)

@forgefed looks like that account got renamed on gitea and the link to the issue doesn't get redirected correctly. I think this is the correct link

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