Q: What's going on, is ForgeFed like dead or something?

Short A: Very possibly.

Long A:

I've considered spending weekly time on the laptop, but my soul just isn't calling for it. So is ForgeFed dead? Maybe. But you could bring it back to life. Want to work on it? Let me know and I'd love to help/mentor people to continue working on this project or to work on related stuff.

I do hope to document all the stuff I've coded but haven't put in the spec yet.


@forgefed please dont kill it!!

For example I realy would like to work on it, currently I just try to get things i work on it done ... :/

After that its one of the think I like to see at #gitea #codeberg ...

So pause it and wait for people steping in with free time, there are some out here just not NOW

@forgefed It doesn't sound like a great outcome, although given the current condition of the tech industry I can understand why abandoning software altogether in favor of tree hugging might seem attractive.

I've thought about working on this previously, and when some things are out of the way I might start a project to implement forgefed. It seems like one of those things where waiting around for others to do things isn't going to work out.

@forgefed you've done enough. Thank you. Take care of yourself. Self-care is important.

Somebody else will pick where you left off.

@forgefed sad to hear. it's an important effort to build an alternative to centralized github

hope some people will continue it

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