Hi Fedinauts!

I'd done very little ForgeFed work in the last few months, first because of the covid mess and then because I've been very active in Extinction Rebellion.

This week I'm finally spending time coding again, implementing basic OCAPs for authorization when processing a request to merge a Merge Request / patch. So the whole workflow will be possible: Open a MR, comment on it, submit updated versions, & finally merge it into the repo. And all of this will be in the specs :-)


@forgefed Was just talking about your work to someone during discussion about China's Gitee. Glad you're doing well.

@ForgeFed Extinction Rebellion ✊ 💚 Important work, thanks for being involved.

@stragu @forgefed A little update on could be a nice point, to seen that project is not dead. Yes Gitee is, an interesting alternative (with Gitlab and Gitee) to united-statian+Microsoft Github, until ForgeFed is used in more web git interfaces.

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