Finally writing another little update ^_^

Opening and closing tickets is implemented. Submitting patches / merge requests too.

Now implementing updates to MRs and merging MRs. Then updating the spec.

Huge thanks to @NGIZero for the funding!

I hope we can make a patch/MR federation demo sometime soon.


@Sandra there's a reference implementation called Vervis, and we're also implementing in an existing forge, Pagure. So, it's not just a spec 🙂

However AFAIK nobody is working on implementations for GitLab and Gitea :-/


@forgefed @Sandra

You could perhaps update the main page of your official site, about the newly implemented functionalities ? I mean this page, else some think the project is dead since last year. Some contacts on the Fediverse searched for this kind of solution.

I found tickets that started at the end of 2019 on gitlab and gitea about few progress in implementation, or at least going toward this way. There are links to other tickets about this too.

thank you for your work :).

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