Progress update yay! is working on the foundations of federation in Pagure, representing objects using ActivityPub & delivering activities between servers.

@jazzyeagle & ikomi started working on a client app for Vervis! And I'm so grateful for their help! It will connect to servers using ActivityPub C2S and some forge-related vocabulary we'll define in ForgeFed.

I'm implementing federated patches & merge requests in Vervis, going to put this in the ForgeFed spec draft soon.


@humanetech no significant news right now but it's a good reminder for me to keep posting here about what's going on 🙂

I jumped to implementing federated ticket dependencies, to give more time for discussion about the vocabulary for patches and merge requests. Also made progress with OAuth2 for use by the client app. Also made important upgrades to reusable AP tools in Vervis.

I'll write soon where there's more exciting stuff to say ^_^


@forgefed thanks for the update!

I don't know if it was of any value, but I gave some feedback on the forum regarding ticket dependencies.

@forgefed By objects, do you mean issues and PRs? Or git objects?

@Sandra yes things like tickets and merge requests, not VCS internals (I don't think there's a need to represent Git's internals in ActivityPub, how Git or any other VCS stores things shouldn't matter to federation).


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