Do you find that the status and progress of ForgeFed is clearly communicated? Is the work visible, does it look like something real that's really happening?

Plz comment & explain, especially if your answer is no :)

Would you want to see a video / talk / presentation about the project?

I updated the website main page to explain project status, feedback on that is welcome!

@forgefed I know that there are demo implementations, but there doesn’t seem to be progress on forges that people actually use. The whole thing seems very unreal to me.

Something like a blog would be nice, maybe with a monthly digest about what’s happening. I think “social media” posts are too ephemeral and hidden for that purpose.

@tastytea thanks for the feedback :) wrt real forges, nobody so far wants to work on them. Gitea and GitLab devs haven't expressed interest and nobody has volunteered to seriously work on these forges. Out of those two, Gitea is probably a better candidate because it's simpler than GitLab.

Question to everyone: Would you migrate to a new forge to have federation?

Either way, while bringing federation to all existing forges would be awesome, it's a bonus and not a goal in our roadmap. We'd need more working hands for that.

Our goal is a spec, a full reference implementation and at least one in an existing forge. The reference impl may become a full usable forge eventually (I've been hosting my stuff on it for a long time now). The other impl will probably be Pagure.


I suspect once the project gets more concrete there may be more interest from the devs at #gitea

After all #forgefed represents a unique opportunity for them to become the forge of choice for the fediverse. Not so sure about gitlab here.
@tastytea @forgefed

@fr33domlover I would migrate to have federation if Gitea doesn’t implement it, but at the moment I still hope they do it. There are so many bits and pieces (CI, markup formats, issues, users, …) attached to a forge that a migration is gonna be annoying. :blobsad: @forgefed

@tastytea @forgefed as to blog posts hmmm I'll consider this :)

I thought about it but worried I'd spend time and nobody would read.

People, would you want ForgeFed blog posts? Say, monthly detailed ones?

@forgefed I'll be honest, I only have a vague "GitHub, but federated" idea of what ForgeFed is, and I have no idea of its progress.

A very exciting project is #forgefed - not only for what it'll add to the #git-iverse, but as showcase for #ActivityPub wrt more specialized application domains. Hoping new insights and lessons-learned will be well documented, to encourage others to come to the #fediverse too.

@forgefed I am aware of project, but unfortunately there is not enough activity in the social media account so it is a bit hard to know about news. To be clearly honest, I am not sure I can find, which answer should I give this answer in the poll having such feeling..

@forgefed There could be some more updates what's happening with the project.You have longer blog posts sometimes what is great but I'd also like to see some short Mastodon posts more often.

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