update 🙂

Repos are actors. There's now an activity type called Push, and such an activity can published automatically whenever you push new commits into a repo. In Vervis, I implemented this for Git, not yet for Darcs.

What remains for the demo:

- Implement following (WIP, almost done)
- Darcs support (TODO if not too much work)

I hope to get this done very soon ^_^

Btw, happy autumn 🍁


@HufflepuffBR @forgefed technically it's a spec, so the project's primary output is a text document, but yes, there will also be software you can try :)

Right now existing forges aren't implementing ActivityPub (AFAIK), but there are little demos that use Vervis, a forge I'm using for prototyping ForgeFed. There have been 2 demos, the 2nd is here:

I need to add this stuff to the ForgeFed work-in-progress website ^_^

@forgefed Sounds interesting. Federated git repos with the ability to do code searches across instances is definitely needed.

@forgefed @vickysteeves You could certainly do more to not look dead:

Also your "Push" activity doesn't contain a target branch/ref. Maybe take a look at how the API objects look like in existing forges?

I wish you guys were doing progress, at this point your existence only impedes others from doing anything because they get called out for duplicating your project...

@remram44 @forgefed @vickysteeves that repo is the wrong link. ForgeFed is very active, and its repo it at . We don't control the repo you linked and its "owner" isn't responding. The @forgefed account is how we look alive, what else would you suggest? :)

What do you mean Push activity doesn't refer to the branch? How do you tell what a Push activity contains? The only source of that info right now is my demo, which I haven't published yet. Soon I will, and I'll also update the spec, and then we can see if something is still missing.

ForgeFed is very alive and if someone wants to join or to offer alternative approaches etc. it's very welcome, and you're welcome to talk to me / come to IRC channel :)

@remram44 @forgefed @vickysteeves ForgeFed is indeed about creating a spec :) but that spec is work-in-progress and many parts aren't documented yet, or need updates. The first draft hasn't been announced yet. When all the basic forge features are covered, that draft will come.

Either way, if you want to implement ForgeFed, the first step is to implement the ActivityPub basics: actor documents, HTTP Signatures, async delivery, inboxes, outboxes, following, unfollowing, WebFinger... So there's enough work to do, that does have a spec.

If you want info about some feature and not sure the spec is reliable, just ask on IRC, or forum, or here, and you'll get all the hints and info available :)

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