My pace has been a bit slow due to some away-from-keyboard priorities, but work is happening!

I'm fixing the development builds in Vervis to allow people to build locally and work on UI.

Comment and ticket-opening federation is successful so far. The next thing I'll bring to the spec draft (and implement) is VCS commit notifications. Then, patches and merge requests.


Have there been any discussions among the @forgefed working group(s) about how it might be possible to bridge what you're doing with what #SourceHut is doing? That would be awesome :)

@noplanman couldn't find any references to Sourcehut or on the Feneas forum using the built-in search. Any specific threads I need to check out?

I mentioned it more because ForgeFed is using the forum to discuss things, didn't have a specific thread in mind. You're obviously free to join and follow the discussions, and also post there directly to find out more 😉

@strypey The possibility of making a bridge has been discussed, but no actual technical details or decisions. If you, or anyone else, is interested to work on this and make it happen, that would be wonderful and I'd love to give you all the info and any guidance you need :)

I don't have time right now to do it myself, but I'll do my best to guide whoever wishes to pick up that task!


@fr33domlover my coding skills are extremely limited, but I guess the first step would be to do a side-by-side comparison if which protocols #ForgeFed and are using for what, and how. Some elements of the aporoaches may already be compatible (like those using in-built #Git protocols), so it would be helpful to identify which ones are, and brainstorm some possible approaches to bridging those that aren't.

@strypey There's a lot to do before the actual coding part :) The very first step would be to *define* what it means to bridge the 2 systems, and write some use cases (e.g. Alice, who uses Sourcehut, wants to open an issue on Bob's repo, hosted in the ForgeFed fediverse, etc. etc.). Then, indeed we can compare how the systems work and figure out the technical details.

If you (or anyone else) would like to start this, you can open a topic in the #ForgeFed forum:

By the way, what is your motivation to build a bridge between ForgeFed and Sourcehut? And are you a user of the latter? Or any other forge? Just curious :)

@fr33domlover currently a user of various #GitLab instances (including the flagship), and occasional filer of bugs, feature requests etc on other forges. Interest in Sourcehut compatibility is motivated by a general desire to reduce fragmentation, and increase the #NetworkEffect of decentralized replacements for corporate #datafarms (in this case GH).

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