Announcing the ticket comment federation demo! The first ForgeFed demo :)

It's implemented on Vervis (whose UI is very lacking at the moment, sorry for that) and uses (with some little custom details, I'll write about them soon!). Demo details and instructions here:

Thoughts, feedback, bug reports and questions are very very welcome :)


@forgefed being written in haskell means that very few people will be able to contribute meaningfully.

@jeff ForgeFed is a spec, and can be implemented in any language. Vervis is just one implementation. We're also working on one in Python, and I hope more forges will implement it (e.g. Gitea, written in Go, or Pagure, written in Python.

So, hopefully motivated people aren't going to struggle to find ways to contribute, whether they use a programming language they already know, or one that they'd learn in the process (and that could be any language).

@forgefed Cool stuff! Are you updating the draft spec as you go along? I guess this is just Note, but what are they inReplyTo, and what is the "top level" repository or such object?

@jaywink the draft just started a few days ago, and I still have many updates to make. With the demo done, I'll now properly document everything :)

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