Hello fediverse!

We decided to have an account here to share updates about our work on project hosting federation. And this is the first post :)

There are various independent projects related to project federation; the one I'm working on is based on ActivityPub, with some extra bits and extensions. And I'm excited about it!

Comments on our posts here are very welcome! We have a Discourse forum too, and IRC channels (which can be accessed via Matrix too!).

See you in the next posts :)


@succfemboi Seems like ForgeFed is a rebranded GitPub. Can’t really say if they improved though because they somehow trashed their draft spec while migrating from github to notabug.

@sn0w There was a mailing list on which we discussed many details and made decisions together. We decided to call the project ForgeFed (originally indeed it was called GitPub).

You can ignore the githu8 repo. The notabug repo is where the spec is going to be. I'll announce when there's a spec draft :)

@forgefed So, what will this project do exactly? Always excited to learn about new federation projects 😃

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