Now releasing: FediverseCast episode 3!

In this episode I talk about how the Fediverse doesn't actually solve any of social media's problems... but how it might!

@fediversecast I just listened to your podcast the first time and somehow found myself in it ;-) Is there already a discussion going on anywhere about the topic you covered?

@WabuMike glad to hear it!

Currently the only hub for discussion about the content of the show is the fediverse itself

@fediversecast Sounds like the perfect place for it. I'm not sure if the fediverse has a need for such algorithms of commercial platforms that you mention. Consisting of federated instances, each with rules and moderators, each underlying the law of the country in which the instance is hosted in and each blocking other instances which are "evil", the fediverse is setup so different than other centralized commercial platforms. I.e. when Gap joined the fediverse, many instances blocked it.

@WabuMike I guess it depends on what you want the fediverse to achieve and who you want it to be for. To continue serving niche audiences and edge case people, you're right. To break through and become mainstream-viable (my personal wish), I believe that unranked-feed-only isn't a viable way for a general audience to consume social media. Mainstream viability as a goal and that goal necessitating algorithmic feeds are nothing more than my personal opinions and are absolutely debatable

Yes, feed algorithms can improve user experience. And I absolutely agree that fediverse software should play around with this sorts of things. Being open source and putting users first, they can do much better than commercial and centralized software.

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