Now releasing: FediverseCast episode 4!

In this episode I talk about the time before I really got into the fediverse when I built a federated app architecture of my own & everything I learned doing so

Now releasing: FediverseCast episode 3!

In this episode I talk about how the Fediverse doesn't actually solve any of social media's problems... but how it might!

Hello Fediverse! After FAR too long of a break, I'm happy to share FediverseCast Episode 2!

I want to try for ~1 episode per week in 2020. In order to do that, the show is moving away from a primarily interview-style format to just me discussing topics solo

Hope you enjoy. Boosts appreciated!

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New FediverseCast episodes in 2020?

"It's not that hard. Take back control. Own your shit!"

- @unklebonehead 2019

❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much everyone for the positive response to the first episode, for listening, and for supporting with boosts and shares. Truly an amazing feeling to put it out there and be met with that reception. ❤️❤️❤️

Some seemed to have trouble subscribing to the show so I added - Let me know if that helps or if there is a better way to do that.

(Thanks @eric for pointing me towards the tool for that subscribe button I used in the page)

Si vous souhaitez en savoir un peu plus sur où en est #Funkwhale et ce qui arrive, dans un format différent, je vous invite à écouter le @fediversecast (en prime, vous aurez droit à mon magnifique accent anglais).

C'est le premier épisode d'un podcast qui traitera du fediverse et des différents projets associés, mis en place par @kevinflo :)

Announcing the first episode of a new podcast about the fediverse - FediverseCast! The show will feature conversations with cool fediverse makers and community members, hosted by @kevinflo

HUGE thanks to my first guest @eliotberriot creator of @funkwhale (Funkwhale)

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