This will be my new instance that I'm on.

Thanks @downey for hosting me at!

Looking forward to living YAML hell for the foreseeable future

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Gingerly dragging and dropping links from a Discourse post into the address bar so the click counter doesn't increase
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I respect people who watch the superbowl for the commercials way, way, way less than I respect people who watch the superbowl bc they want to watch some football

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awesome to hear that microsoft and github are embracing open source software, i'm gonna host my own github instance with the source code they surely provide

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@neauoire @luxpris It occurs to me that personal time tracking systems are the hacker's lightsaber — everyone has to build their own that fits them

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My TV started to show notifications from my robotic vacuum cleaner and I’m not actually sure how they know about each other

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#Pleroma for #YunoHost has been upgraded to version 1.1.7,

#Pleroma is an OStatus-compatible social networking server compatible with GNU Social and #Mastodon.

Huge upgrade, as moving from source build to OTP build

Upgrade with the following command:

$ yunohost app upgrade pleroma -u

sweet alacritty was much easier to install on Debian, and works with emacs out of the box. Very pleased, even if I had to wait a bit

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The reality is every program halts because nobody wants to run a computer that fucking long and even if they do the second law of thermodynamics kicks in and eventually the computer breaks.

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Changed my project from cr to nrg, because I thought crystal energy vibes were cooler, and I didn't want to take up the cr namespace.

I made a simple CLI tool to run bash tasks for Crystal projects. Commands are added as keys to the shard.yml. I find this replaces my need to use tools like Makefile's.

Here is a short blog post I wrote documenting the current features:

Source code:

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me: *shouting into the void*
the void: "that is really loud, could you not"
me: "Oh, sorry."

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Mastodon: a federation comprising thousands of different instances. Each one is unique, so there's is one for you out there. There are even some instances that arent run by a trans woman!

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the year of Python 3.x

So gtk-rs was fun until I got stuck with some bs cloning mutability problems

Relm really helps with things like this, but it is still immature...

Ahh the struggle is real

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