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▯ Heute vor 100 Jahren wurde unser DIN-Papierformat genormt. Durch das Seitenverhältnis 1 zu √2 kann man ein Blatt mittig falten und erhält das nächstkleinere Format mit dem exakt gleichen Verhältnis. Das größte Format DIN A0 (118,9 cm × 84,1 cm) hat eine Fläche von genau 1m².

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#Twitch #Soundtrack is broken for me (#archlinux #linux) in #Firefox and #Chromium – anybody else? It loads okay (2 errors in dev console), music is playable until it suddenly stops always at 30 seconds. DRM / Widevine plugin issue? #glibc #eac that made the round recently? System is up-to-date, restarted, ad blockers disabled; as I said: in both browsers. // On my work laptop (older Ubuntu) as well. Starting to feel that the problem is not on my side.

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Ich bin am Samstag auf der #froscon und halte einen Vortrag über die nachhaltige Finanzierung des Fediverse.

Ich würde mich freuen, wenn viele von euch da wären. Allerdings gebe ich direkt im Anschluss eine Einführung in das Textsatzsystem ConTeXt. 😓

Aber danach ist viel Zeit zum Reden. 😅

@penpot Is it possible/planned to make Penpot usable without the need for an account?

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Thunderbird 114 "Supernova" roadmap: the large projects planned for the 2023 release of Thunderbird.

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In case you missed it: If you use Signal, make sure you have Registration Lock enabled (under Settings → Account).

A recent phishing attack to Twilio made 1,900 Signal users at risk of having their accounts re-registered on a different device. Registration Lock prevents that:

Getting HYPED for :linux: 6.0 🥳

jk / I know, I know …

btw, my answer would be: last week. For my hobby project. Within last year for dayjob.

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As a / / you’ve drawn (-ish) diagrams most recently within the last…

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Wurde auch mal Zeit, das die Gerichte das jetzt mit einem Urteil noch mal festgemacht haben

Clouddienste von US-Firmentöchtern sind nicht DSGVO-konform

Wer einen öffentlichen Auftrag will, darf offenbar keine Verbindung zu US-Firmen haben. Selbst wenn die Server für die Cloud in Deutschland stehen.

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Custom emojis, stickers, and various other features and fixes just landed in Cinny v2.1.1

Go grab it while it's fresh!
Check out:


#matrix #cinnyapp #reactjs

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Was ist denn so der effizienteste Weg, möglichst viele -Instanz-Admins in Deutschland zu erreichen?


A while a go I was like: "I'll unfollow any account over 10k followers, because stuff they post will reach me anyway, through retweets or whatever." — And it's true, but now I'm like: Most posts with 10k+ likes/RTs are the usual oh-so-witty (in the best case) or (more common?!) edgy/depressing stuff. Also I moved back to most-recent timeline, which will make me miss valuable tweets, because I check TW *not* very often, but it also decreases the amount of high-reach posts by a lot. 🤷

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#GodotEngine 3.5 is finally released, and it's amazingly feature-packed!

🧭 Navigation
🏃 Physics interpolation
🧃 Better tweening
⏲️ Time singleton
📜 Label3D and TextMesh
🏷️ Unique node names
🌊 Flow containers
🎨 Async shaders
And more!

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Steve Lacy - Sunshine (Official Video) ft. Fousheé

As an album Gemini Rights doesn't work for me completely, but each song is a testament to this person's talent. Some quality shit; interesting guy.

Check out that magnificent bass line in Cody Freestyle!

#MastoRadio #music #hiphop #jazz #rap

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Wer Kartenmaterial (Papier und PDF) benötigt, kann sich sich das übrigens kostenlos bei der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung bestellen. Nicht mal Porto muss man bezahlen.


My hobby endeavors are moving very slow, too slow, already. Which frustrates me. While I think I'm kinda healthily alternating between design and implementation without losing myself in pointless graphic design details, I wonder if the pressure of joining a could help. Usually I'm not a fan of hackathons and such, but I could really use a kickstart.

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