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Todo-Liste ist seit Montag nicht geschrumpft. Hmpf.

Note to self: there's this Tauri issue about smooth scrolling. Look into it.

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Cinny (@cinnyapp), a relatively sleek client, looks good and feels really snappy – compared to . Especially the web version. The desktop app (wrapped with btw, not , & available as ) is fine too, but I can't stand smooth scrolling – is there a way to disabled it, maybe even globally for all /#Electron apps?

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These: "Tröt", "Toot" usw. helfen nicht dabei, dass #Mastodon als Plattform ernst genommen werden. (Auch wenn "tweet" nicht wesentlich seriöser ist.)

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Mit dem #9EuroTicket soll man demnächst günstig im ÖPNV unterwegs sein. Das Institut für #Psychologie der #TUBraunschweig möchte wissen, wer unter welchen Umständen das Ticket nutzen möchte und ruft zur Teilnahme an seiner Umfrage auf:

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How can I improve the people directory?

I have a few ideas:

- Allow registration via statuses that contain hashtag topics so you don't need to pollute your bio

- User avatars (held off on this as it would require moderation)

- Topic intersection (group results by multiple topics)

- Filter by instance/domain

- Use localStorage to keep track of profiles you seen to show fresher results

Any more? Boosts appreciated! #fediverseInfo #activitypub

Gotta read about the driver vs. firmware thingy. Are any others’ GPU firmwares open? Is nvidia’s approach very much out of balance? Where do we (traditionally) draw the line? tldr?

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Castopod is a modern and fully-featured open-source project for publishing podcasts.

Makes we want to start a podcast ;)

#FOSS #Podcast #Podcasting #Audio #Libre #OpenSource #GNU #FreeSoftware

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#music post no. 2 today – feat. English… ;)

Another older self-titled album that I listened to today – as I do a couple of times a year – was The Libertines second album (2004).

And today I released that it is one of the few (spoiler!) 10/10 albums for me; even though I never considered myself a fan of the band, really. Maybe it's the weather, but I think the record is nearly perfect. One mixed review (from back then) talked about the “poor production” — if that’s what poor production sounds like, please folks, I want more poorly produced music!

It's punk, but not snotty. The melodies are fantastic. The lyrics have heart and are transported by Doherty’s articulate vocals. The music is layered without being overloaded or flamboyant. It's raw but not noisy. Despite being 70+ minutes long it has no fillers (admitted, I'll skip a song or two, depending on mood, but…). Each song is a masterpiece on its own.

Verdict: 10/10, 💎 BRILLIANT 💎

#rock #indierock #garagerock #punk #musik

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Anyone playing Vampire: The Masquerade - #Bloodhunt on #Linux #Proton and got their controller/gamepad working? The game runs mostly fine for me, but the controller only rumbles occasionally but otherwise appears to be non-detected at all.


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When we created ODF 20+ years ago, Microsoft first laughed at the committee at OASIS, then made OOXML to render it moot, then rigged ISO to make OOXML a standard, then implemented ODF and now participates in the ODF committee and helps fund its work through COSM.

#Bluesky is Twitter's OOXML to #ActivityPub and it's at the "rigging ISO" stage.

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Introducing - a bespoke guide to the fediverse!

Some highlights include

⚡ People Directory - opt-in directory of people based on topics

⚡ Projects list

⚡ Mobile Apps list

We're working to improve our FAQ section and add additional projects! #fediverse #activitypub #fediverseInfo

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Meanwhile behold how #Microsoft absolutely butchered my favorite emoji 🥲😂

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Aus aktuellem Anlass empfehle ich die Folge mit vom Januar - wir sprachen damals auch über Roe vs. Wade und die Besetzung von Richterposten unter Trump mit religiösen Hardlinern:

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Do any #Godot & #GodotEngine developers know of a good tool for 3D map-making?
I looked at TrenchBroom, but it doesn't fit my need. I want to make a few houses for my current game project (where you move in with physically simulated furniture, moving boxes, etc. Think "Unpacking" but 3D first person with physics.)
I am comfortable making a map-importing system as long as the file format has good documentation

Please boost to help find some good mapmaking tools!

I'm usually pretty pragmatic and not so much for cutesy names when it comes to coding, but I still like our tiny module that cares about cleaning the (HTML) body of scraped websites, called `shampoo` 😆

Somebody else having the issue with (or solution for) on + when my audio only connects after 1, sometimes 2, reloads of the page? Using a wired headset connected via TRRS analog cable. :boost_requested:

mastodon meta / working? 

How well is supposed to work? Seems like the list of instances is wrong/out-dated/buggy?!

*Consumed* a lot recently; feel the urge to *produce* more again.

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