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In der Süddeutschen Zeitung durfte ich heute in einem Gastbeitrag u.a. erläutern, warum ARD, ZDF und Co ans #Fediverse andocken sollten: #Fernsehrat

Found Vorta, a desktop desktop client for & . And finally, after some experiments in the past, set up a proper backup on

Related: Why does still default to mbox instead of Maildir for storage? I feel like I've done the switch multiple times already. But apparently I went back to mbox when I chose the convenient auto-setup with my newish desktop PC.

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So many new people around here 😲
Welcome everyone!
I am #Tusky, an Android app for Mastodon! (I work with other server software like Pleroma and Pixelfed as well, but 🤫)

Discord “server”

– I hate how they hijacked this term.

Ich bin ja nicht der größte Flauschbär, aber die Zyniker *drüben* nerven gerade deutlich mehr.

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"Bayerisches Verfassungsschutzgesetz teilweise verfassungswidrig"

- Wohnraumüberwachung ist verfassungswidrig
- Online-Durchsuchung ist verfassungswidrig
- Ortung von Mobilfunkendgeräten ist verfassungswidrig
- Verdeckte Mitarbeiter sind verfassungswidrig
- Observation außerhalb der Wohnung ist verfassungswidrig

Beachtliche Liste.

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A new mastodon is looking for an instance for progressives. Any suggestions?

The more followers, the bigger the reservations against the fediverse or alternatives in general. Understandable, and I'm not really blaming. But be honest to yourself and keep the FUD out, please.

Der ÖRR wäre prädestiniert zum Betreiben einer eigenen Instanz, btw. /cc @janboehm 👋

…also, about the name-bashing. True, "Mastodon" is bad. But so was iPad, Twitter, tweeting etc. in the beginning. Also:

PS: Fediverse > Mastodon

admins not reading your DMs is "security by lack of interest". If you argue is not fit (for this case), I agree. But use proper messengers for your DMs then – on Twitter as well; e.g. .

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Friends of the #fediverse. Lots of changes coming to the #Thunderbird #email client in the next three months. Would love if you could all grab the Daily or Beta release and let me know thoughts and concerns as you watch the changes roll in.

Go to the bottom of site to choose version:

Feel free to ping me with your experience!

btw, I am ("was" as of an hour ago) not completely anti buying . As I tweeted some days ago when it first hit the news, I'm not especially fond of the old Twitter board either.

I'm not a want-to-see-the-world-burn guy (as some ppl who found Trump entertaining – I did not); but I *could* see positives in taking TW off the stock market; open it up technology-wise (*not* moderation-wise); shutting down all advertisement and making it a paid service (1-3¤/month), for example.

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After downloading all your data from Twitter, is it possible to self host it in a readable/linkable way somehow?

I really like the payment process (and most UI/UX in general) on @Liberapay (open patreon/kofi alternative) – clear, transparent, zero dark patterns, well formatted and information dense receipts. No BS. It really shows that a non-profit is involved. More people should use it.

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Gibt es eigentlich Schulen in DE/AT, die eine eigene Mastodon-Instanz haben (selbst oder durch EB/Förderverein betrieben) ?
Wir haben da eine Idee und würden uns gerne austauschen.

Boosts welcome 🔄 #FediLZ #mastoadmin

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Welche Alben haben euch nachhaltig beeinflusst (hinsichtlich Musigeschmack, eigener Musik etc.). Um es einzugrenzen: Jeder darf nur 5 Alben nennen!


Which recods had a big influence on you? You're only allowed to name five of them?


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Owncast is a growing open source project that could use your help.

Specifically there's a lot of web UI (#React) that could use somebody who can focus on that. And as the project is nearing a couple years old now, it's becoming time to level-up the architecture of the backend (#Golang) to prepare for new features.

I'd love it if you could share this with your network of talented friends and colleagues to help kick off the next chapter of independent live streaming.

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Liebe Neuankömmlinge im #Fediverse: bitte wählt nicht alle #Mastodon.Social als Instanz aus, auch wenn ihr #neuhier seid. Sonst funktioniert das mit der Dezentralität nicht mehr 🤪

Eine für euch thematisch passende Instanz (oder auch Generische) findet ihr zB über und ihr könnt euren bestehenden Account einfach migrieren. Dann kommen sogar Follower, Followings, Blocklisten, etc. automagisch mit. Danke 😘

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