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After (too) many years I really have to replace my OnePlus 3 this year. I have no idea what to buy. The recent OnePlus models have dropped their Facebook bloatware, right? It's the rare occasion every couple of years when I wish I could just go with the latest 🍏 iSomething and just don't care.

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After #ArchLinux's recent (400 package) update the UI in #obsstudio looked a bit off. Turned out, my global scaling (via #GNOME settings) was at 99% which OBS can't handle well. Not sure who set it that way (me? :blobfoxshocked:), but going back to 100% fixed it. #Streaming #linux

…speaking of LibreOffice.

I’m pretty happy with my VSCodium → Markdown → pandoc → OpenDocument → PDF pipeline to format various versions of my hobby book project with a single command (Makefile) 🙈

LibreOffice/OpenOffice support 

Seems there is no way to have a newline between a headline number an the headline text – if you don’t want to do it automatically, but with the formatting/styles features. If you have something, tell me. I’ve seen the top search results on the forums, stackoverflow etc. 🤔

btw, I’m really torn on the /#AWS/#SSPL controversy. I know I lean towards the "radical foss" side of things, but yeah, that one is really tricky. Many shades of gray. In the end it all boils down to f’ing capitalism anyway – again 😔

fediverse meta [de] 

Und wieder mal stellt sich das Fediverse als die bessere Diskussionplattform dar. Wo unter einem interessanten Link auf Twitter nur Polemik und zwei, drei halbgare Kommentare folgten, entwickelte sich hier zum gleichen Thema ein sinnvoller Thread.

(ja, is’n subtoot; thema egal. hab an beiden threads nicht teilgenommen, weil müde.)

Best software I’ve developed so far is a digital board game implementation.

1. Clear requirements (make the game, by this rule book).
2. Aside from minor UI quirks it’s practically bug-free. All reports of the last 2yrs have been closed (not by me) with: “Nope, *you* read the rules wrong.”

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#Writing Bubble: Szenario „steampunk-ish Sherlock-England“. Zwei sich anfreundende junge Leute (u30). Ab wann duzen die sich? Sofort, nie, Hamburger Sie ("Alice, haben Sie…"), Münchener Du ("Mr. Bean, hast Du…"), oder Hollywood-Schule (Du nach dem ersten Kuss)? #buch #lesen #schreiben

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We're very excited (and a little bit nervous :D) that is planning to go virtual this year via Matrix for chat/community, using for the video conferencing. Read all about it (and how you might be able to help!):

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So, ich habe also aus Versehen #StarWars #Fanfiction geschrieben… to publish or not to publish? 🤔

🔖 Owncast is a live video () and web chat server for use with existing popular broadcasting software (, )

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there's tons of fighting game characters that deal with projectiles by reflecting them

then there's xavier from eternal champions, who just swaps positions with his opponent so they hit themselves


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These are marine grade eye bolts (used to attach lines and such to boats) and they're the closest I could find to switch guards that aren't actual switch guards

I still need to find a smaller size than this (which may work as a guard for something else)

And I need to convince a supplier to sell me a few hundred of them for the same price as a sack of potatoes

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I've always loved the aesthetics of these panel mounted switch guards, but I could never find the proper term for them

I guess "switch guards" were what they're called, but good luck finding anything relevant now that the Nintendo Switch is out

But it occurred to me that I can still use those tiny u-bolts used to hold down pipes, cables etc... They're not rated for heavy loads, but can handle switch guard duty just fine. Bonus: They're cheaper than guards

Yes, this is for side project No.8862

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I am curious. What do you do with your Laptop at the end of the day?

If you do something else, please reply. Boosts appreciated.

#OpenBSD #FreeBSD #NetBSD #Linux #Windows #macOS

Sick at home. Binge watching lectures on quantum and on the verge of writing another digital board game implementation. Is that what I'd do, if I wasn't trapped in the rat race?

🔖 “Add annotations, hereso unto for known as "Biscuits", to the end of the line of closing tags. Such Biscuits could include ids and/or class names. Make <div> soup digestible!”

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"So, with #CentOS #Linux shifting direction from a downstream project to an upstream platform, what are your options?

You can opt for #openSUSE, #Debian, #Ubuntu or maybe another #RHEL fork by the original CentOS creator?

Yes, that is what #Rocky Linux is all about!"

And - BANG - it forked. Oh how I love #FLOSS...

#rockylinuy #gnu #redhat #ibm

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Prediction: #Cyberpunk2077 Metascore ~89.

Slightly related note: which game will be the first to break the "Next gen consoles, no more loading times!!" honeymoon? #PS5 #XboxSeriesX

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