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I've always loved the aesthetics of these panel mounted switch guards, but I could never find the proper term for them

I guess "switch guards" were what they're called, but good luck finding anything relevant now that the Nintendo Switch is out

But it occurred to me that I can still use those tiny u-bolts used to hold down pipes, cables etc... They're not rated for heavy loads, but can handle switch guard duty just fine. Bonus: They're cheaper than guards

Yes, this is for side project No.8862

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I am curious. What do you do with your Laptop at the end of the day?

If you do something else, please reply. Boosts appreciated.

#OpenBSD #FreeBSD #NetBSD #Linux #Windows #macOS

Sick at home. Binge watching lectures on quantum and on the verge of writing another digital board game implementation. Is that what I'd do, if I wasn't trapped in the rat race?

🔖 “Add annotations, hereso unto for known as "Biscuits", to the end of the line of closing tags. Such Biscuits could include ids and/or class names. Make <div> soup digestible!”

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"So, with #CentOS #Linux shifting direction from a downstream project to an upstream platform, what are your options?

You can opt for #openSUSE, #Debian, #Ubuntu or maybe another #RHEL fork by the original CentOS creator?

Yes, that is what #Rocky Linux is all about!"

And - BANG - it forked. Oh how I love #FLOSS...

#rockylinuy #gnu #redhat #ibm

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Prediction: #Cyberpunk2077 Metascore ~89.

Slightly related note: which game will be the first to break the "Next gen consoles, no more loading times!!" honeymoon? #PS5 #XboxSeriesX

Wes Bos’ Cobalt2 editor and syntax highlighting color theme has been my favorite for the last couple of years; dark, with good contrast, and still easy-on-the-eyes.

He’s working on some improvements now, e.g. the not-so-ideal search highlight vs. current-selection situation.

Any experts in , , , want to chime in?

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Delta Chat's #rustlang core lib handles SMTP/IMAP/MIME/PGP protocols and formats, efficiently and safely, security-reviewed.

We happily onboard new devs who want to help, and can also arrange for moneys. Ping us here, on #deltachat freenode or the

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A video introduction to #Briar.

"Briar Messenger Review: As Private as It Gets. "

Wearing headphones for an hour before noticing they aren’t even plugged in. 🤦‍♂️

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Great to see the progress! -jd


We've started to design Penpot with Penpot! So exciting and productive. This time we are reviewing text options layout :) #opensource #design #penpotapp


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Das neue King Gizzard And The Lizzard Wizard-Album geht gut ab. Nicht, dass das nicht erwartbar gewesen wäre. #Music :flan_headphones:

If code cannot be copy-pasted as-is from one project to another (i.e. it contains project specific "business logic") it does not belong in /utils/, utils.{js|py} etc.

Wann ruft endlich jemand die „Weihnachtliche Kraftfahrt-Bundesligarepublik“ aus, damit wir endlich wissen, wo wir wirklich leben? Ich bin ja ganz verwirrt.

For my “hybrid” approach (terminal w/ tabs + tmux), this is the best solution I’ve found for the on-new-tab shell script:

#!/usr/bin/env sh
exec tmux $(tmux ls | grep -vq attached && echo "attach" || echo "new")

Reattaches orphan (which are rare!) tmux session or creates new; tabs close automatically on killed session/window.

Other solutions had various problems (orphans; multiple views into one session; etc.). This works.

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Ich suche ein #Ticket System für #Support das rein auf #PHP (MariaDB, HTML, JS, CSS) läuft und einerseits einfach zu handhaben ist und dabei noch mehr oder weniger fancy aussieht. Die Kundin guckt genau!

Das was ich an #OpenSource lösungen gefunden habe, hatte immer noch ein Perl, Ruby, Nodejs oder sonstiges dabei, es soll auf einem gängigen Webhoster laufen.

Kennt von euch das was was ich evt. übersehen habe?

#followerpower #boost #frage

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