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Great to see the progress! -jd


We've started to design Penpot with Penpot! So exciting and productive. This time we are reviewing text options layout :) #opensource #design #penpotapp


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Das neue King Gizzard And The Lizzard Wizard-Album geht gut ab. Nicht, dass das nicht erwartbar gewesen wäre. #Music :flan_headphones:

If code cannot be copy-pasted as-is from one project to another (i.e. it contains project specific "business logic") it does not belong in /utils/, utils.{js|py} etc.

Wann ruft endlich jemand die „Weihnachtliche Kraftfahrt-Bundesligarepublik“ aus, damit wir endlich wissen, wo wir wirklich leben? Ich bin ja ganz verwirrt.

For my “hybrid” approach (terminal w/ tabs + tmux), this is the best solution I’ve found for the on-new-tab shell script:

#!/usr/bin/env sh
exec tmux $(tmux ls | grep -vq attached && echo "attach" || echo "new")

Reattaches orphan (which are rare!) tmux session or creates new; tabs close automatically on killed session/window.

Other solutions had various problems (orphans; multiple views into one session; etc.). This works.

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Ich suche ein #Ticket System für #Support das rein auf #PHP (MariaDB, HTML, JS, CSS) läuft und einerseits einfach zu handhaben ist und dabei noch mehr oder weniger fancy aussieht. Die Kundin guckt genau!

Das was ich an #OpenSource lösungen gefunden habe, hatte immer noch ein Perl, Ruby, Nodejs oder sonstiges dabei, es soll auf einem gängigen Webhoster laufen.

Kennt von euch das was was ich evt. übersehen habe?

#followerpower #boost #frage

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I have a few dozen linux servers, with some spare disk capacity on each. Is there any dirt simple "shared netwroking drive"/"distributed filesystem" I can install on each? I just wanna share a few ~X00GB traballs around easily.

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Used for 1st time last stream. Good overall. Had some short disconnects between guests (*not* noticeable for director/OBS view)🤷. Better quality and handling than the Jitsi-based solution we had before. #twitch #streaming #obs #freesoftware #opensource

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So I've always wanted to be a game dev, but like an indie game dev. I think I finally have an idea I want to build.

Currently thinking a game where players sign in with their fediverse account and can explore the fediverse. To use plain terms, imagine MMO Fedi RPG.

Each instance is like a planet in No Man's Sky. Only residents can build/delete there, like Stardew Valley.
When you're near people, you can chat with them and make new friends.

@cwebber long term, should I be thinking Spritely?

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To all of you who have done videos, #YouTube, #radio, #podcasts, #twitch, #streaming etc. for more than 6 months (or at least 20 hours or so in total):

📊 How okay are you with listening to your own voice, now?

Had a pretty long and weird dream yesterday. Not going into details, but I was a "ghost from the future" in a kind of popular late night show in the year 2000. They took me for granted and I told them about green energy, *almost* self-driving cars etc. — but the biggest 🤯 mind-blow moment for my dream-self was when I realized: "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT Facebook IS, RIGHT??" — None of the other earth-shattering events of the past 20 years, no, Facebook!

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Kennt jemand zufällig eine gute #FOSS #Software für die Zeugniserstellung an Schulen? Im konkreten Fall ein Berufskolleg mit 2500+ SuS.

#opensource #schule

I used Oracle too little to have a profound opinion, but what won my over to back in 200x were MySQL’s multi- or single-page HTML docs vs. Oracle’s horrendous 400-page PDF files.

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What are the good Free Software blogs out there nowadays? I'm trying to keep my feed reeder populated with things worth reading.

Ideally, their feeds should be full articles, not just excerpts.
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For #birdsite I had to shorten my (second-)last toot. Which version do you like better? The quick-and-dirty long one or the carefully crafted (well…) short one?

(try to be objective; this is not a masto-vs-bird debate 😉)
#meta #microblogging #twitter #mastodon

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Am Samstag gab’s bei mir eine Einführung in 🎲 BoardGameArena. Etwas unstrukturiert, aber wer sich für online #Brettspiel interessiert, bisher evtl. Berührungsängste hatte (schließlich spielt man live mit echten Menschen 😨), oder einfach null Ahnung von der Plattform hat, kann gern reinschauen. Ich stelle die beliebtesten Spiele vor, gebe ein paar Empfehlungen, und erkläre nebenbei einige der "Meta-Features". BGA 101 sozusagen.

#BoardGames #twitch #streaming #Gaming

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