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Employer gives you a smartphone. Who pays for the protective case (if the employee feels better using one)?

Arbeitgeber stellt Arbeitshandy (Smartphone). Handy-Schutzhülle, wenn von Arbeitnehmer als sinnvoll betrachtet bzw. gewünscht, bezahlt wer? Erfahrungen?

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English language usage re: y'all 

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Asking for an Instagram friend: Is there any #pixelfed client app out there right now that is close to Instagram? Tried both #tusky and #fedilab so far, am in both cases running in different weird "errors" (such as notifications - who commented pictures - not shown) and am in both seeing just what seems a limited feature set (filters, just four instead of 10 pics per set, no story support, ...). Is there something more "made for pixelfed"?

That song you skip 9 times out of 10 but you still don’t wanna remove it from your library forever.

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Hey #Infosec #Sysadmin #fediverse, any sane replacements for #AnyDesk and #TeamViewer?

I am looking for something that ideally:
- is cross-platform
- is reliable
- is FLOSS
- is reasonably easy to use by non-technical people
- supports screen-sharing and remote input control.


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i feel like the patreon/substackification of everything forces people to commodify shit they might normally do for free just as a hobby or whatever, and you gotta sell it as Vital Work even if it's the equivalent of an npr fundraiser tote bag. idk, just my impression, ymmv

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Big improvements in the latest ksnip release: cropping, global hotkeys, and more.
🆓 :linux:

Interesting, 73 includes a decoder: “WAMP-formatted WebSocket messages (JSON, MsgPack and CBOR) are now nicely decoded for inspection in the Network panel.”

random rant / soccer 

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Hannah Ritchie, Our World in Data: *Less meat is nearly always better than sustainable meat, to reduce your carbon footprint*

"I have shown previously that what we choose to eat has the largest impact, making a bigger difference than how far our food has traveled, or how much packaging it’s wrapped in. This is because only a small fraction comes from transport and packaging and most of our food emissions come from processes on the farm, or from land use change.

Regardless of whether you compare the footprint of foods in terms of their weight (e.g. one kilogram of cheese versus one kilogram of peas); protein content ; or calories, the overall conclusion is the same: plant-based foods tend to have a lower carbon footprint than meat and dairy. In many cases a much smaller footprint.

As an example: producing 100 grams of protein from peas emits just 0.4 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2eq). To get the same amount of protein from beef, emissions would be nearly 90 times higher, at 35 kgCO2eq. …"

#CO2 #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #meat #beef

🔖 HTTPX is a fully featured HTTP client for 3, which provides sync and async APIs, and support for both HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2 — and breaks with some of (minor) quirks (

Sombody. is wrong. on the. internets!!!111

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Related challenge: finding funds to get me to the Internet Freedom Festival (april 20-24) this year. A lot of our grantees and allies will be there, would be super useful. Unfortunately there's zero budget for anything here :(

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Ein nützlicher Guide des Bayerischen Rundfunks für Open Source Projekte.
A useful guide [de] by bavarians public broadcaster for #opensource projects

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GitHub, but federated.

Folks host their own instance, and you can follow, "star" and contribute to other people's repos and orgs using your account, from your instance.
Oh, and you get notifications from remote repos, visible on your instance.

This must exist already, right?
Decentralised development, but better than Email?

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Anybody know an #opensource software for making subway/railroad maps like this? I know you can use #gimp but I thought it would be cool if there were a program specifically for this kind of map

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Dear IETF: Are you fucking kidding me?
To get an RFC .txt file I must allow Cloudflare and Google tracking?

Are you serious? This is wrong on all OSI layers!

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