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I gave a talk at #PyCon2019 about #mastodon, #activitypub, and how to use it with #python. And why you might want to! The video is up now:

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Łukasz Langa on the Black formatter for code. The talk goes into some detail on concrete syntax trees & Black's implementation of formatting, which may be too esoteric if you're just interested in using Black, but wraps up with some brief tips on usage.

I think ’s new feature (obfuscating nsfw-ish images in a colorful very blurry fashion) is a pretty good idea – and works well in this first iteration (the best setting might be debatable).

Does somebody not like it? Are there any objective arguments against it?

Who else is using it?

Are there other use-cases besides the stated one?

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⚠️ highly subjective, from my POV as a lazy consumer ⚠️

Sign of a good/successful blog/podcast/youtube chan: a low meta-to-content ratio.
If you are talking about plans, schedules, experiments, past missteps, future promises etc. more often than delivering actual content, you are probably going to “fail” (whatever that means, right?)
Sure, feel free to start something, and don’t care if you might fail. (But don’t ask for Patreon support after your second 500 word blog post, please.)

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Hi everyone!

ForgeFed is a project aiming to define a protocol and a vocabulary for federation of project hosting and collaboration platforms (forges), and get it implemented in the existing forges such as GitLab CE, Gitea and so on.

Federation is based on ActivityPub with some tweaks and new vocabulary :)

I'm working on a demo, implementing federation in a forge called Vervis. Earlier today I deployed 2 test instances for this! More details and links soon :)


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Don't Do This in Postgres is a fairly short list (complete with "Why not?" and "When should you?" for every rule!):

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Since my TL is full of “don’t go to talks at confs”: there is a 2nd side to this.

It’s positively soul crushing to put all your love into a talk for weeks & months, & then give it to an empty room.

The lack of energy in the room also makes for a worse video online. #PyCon2019

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As much as I have been *strongly* critical o #mozilla / #rust's move away from IRC, I have to admit that they're going about the transition in a thoughtful way:

I disagree with some of the views, but I admire the work and hope they can find an open alternative that meets their needs

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Interesting, looks like they are taking the principles of FOSS and applying them to hardware and #electricalengineering design. Still, I think it's not exactly what I'm looking for. Is there an #ee community like the FSF that allows hobbyists and EEs alike to share and freely license their schematics/designs? I don't have any extraordinary schems (mostly for guitar pedal circuits), but I think it would be incredibly cool to have a site and community that did just that.

@omgubuntu in your librem article: it's, not social.floss

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Mal an die #Programmierer hier. Gibt es ein Buch, welches verständlich Programmieren unter #Linux erklärt, wo man keine Konsolenprogramme baut sondern Fensterprogramme? Für Windows habe ich da "C++ mit Visual Studio 2017 und Windows Forms-Anwendungen" #Follerpower #Retoot wäre nice

Dictionaries, in computer science/programming. Ordered by key/insertion order or not?

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Q: does anybody have a great resource for really learning GraphQL? I've been using it for a few years super on and off, but I always feel like I'm hacking stuff together.

(would a huge, multiple days long, GitHub outage change our minds?)

Even Apache Software Found. doesn't want to run their own git infrastructure 😞

Not huge fan myself, but I really really hope chooses as its official replacement. They kickstarted Talk as a Disqus competitor (now that's with Vox Media); it'd be great if one of the more promising tools would get a 2y funding through them as well. Unfortunately the open messenger landscape is so fractured and immature atm, that I'm a bit pessimistic overall 😕

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I just learned that #Mozilla will abandon #IRC. In general I think it is a good move to look for something more modern. I'm curious what they will chose at the end. For me the three main qualities would be: #free (aka Free Software), #decentralized & #open (aka open protocols)

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