@GhostSlide kommt ein bisschen auf den Kontext und die Vorstellungen der blutigen Anfänger an — aber ganz pauschal: Python.

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Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised with the rate stuff is going if @gamingonlinux didn't exist this time next year.

Struggling. We've had a notable drop in funding, Linux users themselves often don't care if a game actually supports them or not and the list goes on.

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Moment.js: Entwicklung millionenfach genutzter JS-Bibliothek beendet

Mit Moment.js lassen sich Datum und Uhrzeit in Javascript verändern. Das Entwicklungsteam empfiehlt nun moderne Alternativen. (Javascript, Softwareentwicklung)


golem.de/specials/softwareentw squeet.me/objects/962c3e100909

🔖 GitHub - duetds/date-picker: Duet Date Picker is an open source version of Duet Design System’s WCAG 2.1 compliant date picker. Try live example at duetds.github.io/date-picker/ github.com/duetds/date-picker

Thanks for your replies! So most people keep record of past events. Which is sensible, I guess. I find myself (partially) cleaning up every now and then, but mostly because 1. I keep track of family events (kids’ school appointments, …) which I really do not care about once happened; and 2. I abuse my calendar as a todo list, which [often] requires reshuffling … aaaand which is probably a bad practice, but that’s a different topic.

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Just curious: Do you delete old calendar entries?

Anybody noticed some / issues yesterday? We got disconnected 3 times yesterday, which was a first after working reliable for the last eight weeks. Just wondering if it was one of our "Internets".

@Mayana I use the German app. All things considered I think the pros outweight the cons, i.e. it doesn’t hurt me and it might help others. It’s open-source and well documented at least. Bluetooth and Google involvement are an issue, yes. And probably too few people have it installed to make it work efficiently against the pandemic – but I wouldn't help in that regard by not using it.

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👋 Vorläufige #introduction: Ich ziehe gerade von @fabian hierher um. Statt #boardgames auf Englisch fokussiert sich dieser Account auf meine Aktivitäten bei #twitch, wo ich sehr unprofessionell diverse #videogames zocke, #LinuxGaming betreibe, und einmal wöchentlich so etwas wie einen #Podcast veranstalte. #Brettspiele werden sicher auch ab und zu Thema sein.

📺 twitch.tv/kommadieb

🇬🇧/🇺🇸 For #tech, #python, #webdev, #freesoftware etc. check @fabian

Kandidaten nach kurzer Recherche:

- chaos.social
- post.lurk.org
- kosmos.social
- kitty.town
- floss.social
- nerdculture.de

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…meine bisherige gemütliche, am Ende aber zu unbedeutende, Instanz (boardgames.social) macht demnächst dicht.

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Suche eine neue -Heimat für mein 🎲 🎮 -Alter Ego. Vermutlich eher deutschsprachig. chaos.social oder etwas in die kreative Richtung? Vorschläge, Ideen, Einladungen? :)

Heute Abend ab 21:15 CEST (plusminus 10) wieder live bei 📺 . Musik-Talk in der Kategorie Talkshows & . Find us!

New VS Codesʼs Settings Sync feature *may* support other storage providers in the future. No talk of open sourcing the back-end itself. Right now itʼs vendor-lock-in on MS infrastructure. Sigh.

@leth I wouldn't go that far. It just irritates me when people don't pay for their professional tools. Especially when prices are very reasonable.

Do you judge professional (as in earning money with it) developers when you see "… (UNREGISTERED)" in the title bar of their text editor / image processor / tool? — Not sure how I feel about it, but I do.

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Hat jemand in meiner Bubble Interesse an The Witcher 3 Complete Edition für Nintendo Switch? Ich habe das physikalisch und merke, dass es mich gar nicht interessiert

@Gina Funny, we just spoke about how to do a Tiramisu at the breakfast table this morning. Ingredients look good so far 😃 Good luck!

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