Advantage of a small flat: Bluetooth head phones work [almost] everywhere.

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Any Open Sources license specialist? What’s the best open source license that allow the users to do WTF they want EXCEPT selling the code/product or make money with it?

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What's your `tmux` prefix?
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Web tech is heck 

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We were getting ready to announce this but apparently we've been scooped! We greatly appreciate the surge of premium subscriptions from users that can afford it. Your support enables us to provide our service to those that can't, because everyone deserves #privacy. #COVID19

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💖I said it once, I'll say it again:
Check out @cryptpad@twitter.com - an encrypted #opensource alternative to G-Suite - and please support them

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I know, critics are praising it everywhere, so here's my boring take: YES, Porridge Radio's "Every Bad" is f***ing fantastic! 🎶 Keep the world outside for a while, let the sun shine into your heart and listen to this great album! porridgeradio.ffm.to/everybad
(, vocals)

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Good, there is an "Intelligent drum & bass" playlist. Honestly, the first one I found annoyed me with mundane lyrics after 10 minutes. Let's see if this one is better.

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#covid19 health-unrelated stats #boardgames 

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Umfrage zu Musikgeschmack und Metal 

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Hey #Fediverse #FreeSoftware people, a friend made a great observation: due to #COVID this is a pretty good time to promote #FLOSS teleconferencing / remote work solutions.


Anybody any suggestions for a free software #teleconferencing solution that could handle 10-15 people simultaneously? I had mixed experiences with meet.jit.si. I also know there's @nextcloud Talk app which kinda works, but never got around to testing it more extensively.

Matrix/Riot is looking better every day. UX/UI is still quite messy, especially in the web/desktop app. RiotX on Android is in early stages, but pretty clean so far.

– quarterly reminder to unsubscribe from all the things (*that don't give you value or pleasure anymore)

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Don't pay for expensive PDF editing tools – use LibreOffice Draw! Since LibreOffice 6.4, it lets you consolidate (join) multiple text boxes into a single one, which is great if you've imported a PDF and the text content is split up into lots of chunks: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

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Dear #Fediverse #admins, here's a poll for you! Completely hypothetically, if #Facebook and #birdsite implemented #activitypub, would you be inclined to allow them to federate with your instance?

Yes, I appreciate that "it depends" and "it's complicated" (it really really is!). But please 🐻 with me, I'm just curious about your gut feeling about this. :blobcatcoffee:

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I've just realized that #Rust has eliminated defensive coding for me.

Defensive coding is "I know it's not supposed to be `null`, but I'll check just in case" or "I know the caller isn't supposed to mutate or free this object, but I'll make a copy just in case" or "I know that function should be thread-safe, but I'll avoid threads just in case"

In Rust nullability, mutability and thread-safety are encoded in types, so I never have to second-guess them.

@julianruf cheaper than a box of Legos, I guess. 🤷‍♂️ 🤣

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Consider unfollowing that person that always leaves you feeling worse about things.

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