🔖 Owncast is a live video () and web chat server for use with existing popular broadcasting software (, )


Untertitel/Closed Captions für auf mit Unterstützung für Deutsch? Was ist da brauchbar, vertrauenswürdig? Idealerweise

What a beautiful announcement video! Makes my occasional creations look even more amateurish. But yeah, great tool!

📢 "Inkscape 1.0 is here!"

Even Apache Software Found. doesn't want to run their own git infrastructure 😞

Not huge fan myself, but I really really hope chooses as its official replacement. They kickstarted Talk as a Disqus competitor (now that's with Vox Media); it'd be great if one of the more promising tools would get a 2y funding through them as well. Unfortunately the open messenger landscape is so fractured and immature atm, that I'm a bit pessimistic overall 😕