🔖 “Add annotations, hereso unto for known as "Biscuits", to the end of the line of closing tags. Such Biscuits could include ids and/or class names. Make <div> soup digestible!”


Wes Bos’ Cobalt2 editor and syntax highlighting color theme has been my favorite for the last couple of years; dark, with good contrast, and still easy-on-the-eyes.

He’s working on some improvements now, e.g. the not-so-ideal search highlight vs. current-selection situation.

Any experts in , , , want to chime in?


FAQ zu Aerosol-Übertragung von , sehr ausführlich und anschaulich – inkl. Anleitung zum Masken-Selbstcheck, Tipps zum Lüften und Aufenthalt in verschiedenen Situationen etc.

🔖 tinyurl.com/FAQ-aerosols [Google Doc, 🇬🇧]

/via :twitter: DrZoeHyde & :twitter: mivesto