Scenario: You're married for 2+ years and have a "normally happy" relationship (just to exclude honeymooners and obviously failed marriages). It turns out your partner is/was cheating on you (more than a ONS, less than a secret second life) and you both know you know.

How likely will this result in a formal divorce of your marriage?

(Note: I'm not seeking advice here. All is fine. Just curious.)

@fabian I'm gonna vote as if it were stated that "cheating on you" specifically means that polyamoury was never discussed and assumed to be outside of the norms of the relationship, as the phrasing of the question implies that.

@martyn yeah, I figured afterwards that the style of the relationship and the "severity" of cheating needed more details.

While I'd explicitly *include* open-ish relationships, the cheating would be one that goes against the agreed upon limits however wide or narrow they were. // Considering a "traditional" monogamous rel. the affair I imagined for the scenario would be "reasonably" short and the cheating person would agree that it was wrong and would stop the affair.

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