The® crucial feature is still missing (for change-willing communities) is seamless /animated sticker integration.

Implementation is currently stuck and discussed in various tickets; there is no consensus yet, and work-force is missing, as usual

- use existing sticker feature? (not user-friendly)
- MVP client-only solution? (most likely rn)
- w/ server support (most official)
- we need a open/distributed "GIF keyboard" provider (most long-term) à la or


btw, I've noticed that (owned by ) at least gives proper credit by linking the original source of the (many? some?) GIFs, while (owned by ) does not.

@fabian Another alternative is MSC2545. It doesn't give you as big a list immediately as a gif keyboard, but you can share rooms like or and as such quickly collect sticker packs you enjoy. Or even implicitly have access to the stickers in the space you joined! It is much more privacy friendly than relying on giphy and co, imo.

Element doesn't implement that yet, but a few other clients do. :3

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