Every six months or so I find myself looking for multi-stop routing/planning in :openstreetmaps: and wonder why the main OSM instance does not support this.

So, let me remind myself. This works:

And for drawing on maps I found uMap useful:

@Fabian For Android, OsmAnd supports multiple waypoints for routing and while the UX setting it up leaves some things to desire, it works really well mostly.

@jaywink I know, but thanks. Btw, I really like Organic Maps as a more lean client on Android

@Fabian Yeah Organic Maps is pretty and sleek. I just found it misses quite a bit in the end, and reverted back to OsmAnd for now at least. Mainly for the navigation being much richer.

@jaywink I'm mostly using it for walking distances and quick neighborhood checks. I think for driving over large distances I've also used OsmAnd last vacation.

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