Was browsing the Game Development category last night. Found some interesting folks/channels and their projects. But wow, the variety of coding styles made me almost dizzy. No two people sticking to the same conventions. But kinda fits the general hodgepodge of ideas, genres, languages/tools used, personalities, streaming and working styles that I found. Very diverse; with a certain focus on Unity, C#, JS/TS/Py of course – if you want to call that a focus still.


Another observation: yes, your fancy mechanical keyboard (I *am* jealous; still looking for a ergo-split mech key with DE layout, btw!) sounds fantastic and some people watch the stream just for that. If it’s louder than your voice, though… the A in ASMR is for Annoying?

@fabian DE layout is just key caps. The split keyboard kits at keebio are very good value if you can assemble them

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