. Yes, no, depends? Anything that speaks against it? ( 7 Pro)

@fabian What's the context? What are you comparing it to?

I never touched a OnePlus so I cannot say whether there are quirks on this phone but Lineage4Microg works great on my smartphone.

And it's always definitely much better than whatever was preinstalled.

@silmathoron No special context. Just, if it works on the mentioned phone. I have no recent smartphone to compare it to. Only a 4+ year old OnePlus with its default (pretty close to stock-Android) OS.

@fabian @silmathoron It has official support so everything works. I use the microg version on my OP7pro and it has been flawless this past month since I installed it.

@fabian It's generally a bit better than "regular" Android (stock Google or manufacturer versions).

The only con I can think of (besides having to do the work to get it) is the possibility that it drops support for your device in particular if you keep it for long enough, so you don't get updates. But then, regular Android also does this.

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