Dear lazy web, I'm looking for a static site generator with support for events, i.e. should output a page with calendar view, an iCal/ics file, rss/atom for newly added and updated events. Any hints?

Because it's getting some boost, some clarification: doesn't have to be strictly static. Simple PHP script which takes raw data from PHP object, or markdown, or JSON would be fine as well. Even a super lightweight framework with sqlite backend, maybe. No WordPress though.

@fabian I know this doesn't quite meet your criteria, but I've been building Meetable as a minimal events website, I'm running three copies of it successfully now.

@aaronpk looks pretty neat. The auth options seem overkill for my single-user use case. Is there a month/week calendar view? (not really crucial, but I kinda had that in mind)

@fabian By single-user do you mean you want to install it in a completely closed environment? Events are added via the web UI so some sort of auth is needed for that.

There's no month/week view right now but I would be open to adding that!

@aaronpk yep, just me as the single author. Public, but read-only.

@fabian That's definitely a challenge with a web UI for editing then. I see why you were looking for something where you create events by making files on disk, that removes that concern.

You could use the "remote user" auth option to set that header in your web server by matching your home IP address or something.

I'm also open to suggestions for how to make this work better in this kind of single-author case because it's not uncommon!

@aaronpk No, I think the github oauth + limiting to a single user would work fine. I just wonder why you didn't start with a naive user+password table first. Sure, doing proper and secure auth is not trivial.

@aaronpk thinking about it, web UI would be convienent, of course.

@fabian I just don't like passwords, and most of my uses of this are for multi-author editing where I definitely don't want people to have to have another password. I suppose the password option is easiest for a single-user setup though.

@aaronpk btw, I'm test driving Meetable now. Works well so far. Some of my minor wishes have already issues. Keeping an eye on the project :)

@fabian Awesome, thanks! Please chime in on the existing issues if it's something you're interested in, it helps me prioritize the features!


I think you could do this with "Haunt"

You'd need to write some custom builders though

Custom builders for the iCal/ics files and for the rss feeds of events (I think)

as for calendar view I'm not sure what it is

it's a bit rough around the edges and it's made in Guile scheme, so it's not for everybody 😕

In order to use Guile and Guile based tools you need to really love them, ehm...

So yeah, that's my hint

@AbbieNormal interesting... Maybe a little too much out of my comfort zone, though ☺

@fabian From what I remember ikiwiki (flexible enough to be used for blogs or anything else) has this.
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