(would a huge, multiple days long, GitHub outage change our minds?)

@fabian Probably not. They would have to lose repo data or something for people to sit up and take notice. The problem is the network effect and the convenience of having all of those projects in one place.

@sean @fabian Depends how quickly the GitLab marketing team moves.

There was a huge exodus when MS bought GH.

@downey @fabian "huge" exodus is a bit of an overstatement, as far as I've seen. There was a flood of people *saying* they were going to leave Github, and some did (including some noted projects). As a percentage of the user base though... I don't think it was that big. Also I would guess many (like me) setup their own code repos moved or mirror stuff on Github, but still maintain a Github account and one or more repos there just for practical reasons of collaboration.

@downey @fabian I understand, but:

- what percentage of Github users/projects does that spike represent?

- what percentage of these were major projects with lots of contributors?

- how many of those users moved completely away from Github and how many diversified to other services while also remaining on Github?

- In the 11 months that have followed, how many have moved back to Github?

The real nuance is in data that I don't believe is public.

@downey @fabian Also, it's easy to throw up a hashtag on Twitter and virtue signal. It's another thing entirely to move a major project with hundreds of contributors. It's generally not something that's going to happen in less than 30 days, so Gitlab seeing a June 2018 spike after a June 3 announcement from MS is almost certainly the low-hanging fruit.

@sean @fabian A tiny tiny portion of is made by projects with more than a handful of people.

@downey @fabian Just to be clear Michael, in case I sound like an apologist, you would be hard pressed to find someone who dislikes Microsoft more than I do. So I would love a story where MS buying Github caused them to lose a significant portion of their userbase and business. I just haven't seen any data to support that conclusion.

@fabian I'm partly on and will move more repos

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