Even Apache Software Found. doesn't want to run their own git infrastructure 😞

@mlaunois It would be nice if free software would be developed with open-source tools and infrastructure. With GH they depend on a commercial provider.

@mlaunois ok, commercial is not the problem; but closed/proprietary is.

@mlaunois I what regards? I guess with some effort it's possible to export issues, wiki, comments etc. — Or you mean on a contract level? Special conditions for ASF?

@fabian No, I mean that GitHub is not really a problem. If it was, why thousands of open-source projects chose GitHub to host their community?

@mlaunois it hasn't been a problem in the past. That's mostly true, afaik. But it might become one. See bitkeeper, sourceforge, for example.

@mlaunois and most OSS projects use it because it's convenient and easy. Not because it's the right™ thing to do. And admittedly it's a burden to run your own infra. I'm just disappointed that even the Big ones in FOSS (ASF, Moz) shy away from it.

@mlaunois @fabian Where do I find the source code for GitHub? What is its license?

Oh, yeah. I don't and it's proprietary. 😉

@downey @fabian

GitHub is a **code hosting provider**. It does not have such source code.

@mlaunois @fabian Um, yes it does.

e.g. see Their (open source licensed) commercial competitor GitLab source code at

@mlaunois @downey is it code-less? Next you tell me they are running server-less. jk

@fabian @downey No, this is the web app - the one on - which has a source code. Also Git - the VCS which powers GitHub - is open-source and has a source code. GitHub itself is an entity, so it can't "have" a source code as programs do.

@mlaunois @downey um, splitting hairs or serious?, the web site, is not open-source, right?

@fabian @downey I don't know, because source code and/or licensing information is not available.

@mlaunois @downey so, you're answering the question yourself ☺

@fabian @downey Ok, you've lost me... 🙁 What's would be good for ASF, if not GitHub? Because I still don't see the problem.

Update: they don't have fully migrated to GitHub: code issues remain on their own site, at

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