Not huge fan myself, but I really really hope chooses as its official replacement. They kickstarted Talk as a Disqus competitor (now that's with Vox Media); it'd be great if one of the more promising tools would get a 2y funding through them as well. Unfortunately the open messenger landscape is so fractured and immature atm, that I'm a bit pessimistic overall 😕

@fabian Was there some context or announcement I'm missing? Sadly it seems Mozilla has a big crush on ; important influencers seem to consider any alternative to its proprietary walled garden somehow a threat to diversity & inclusion.

@fabian never mind, I'm caught up now.

Once upon a time a post like this one from @mhoye would have been driven by the Manifesto and its values of openness and how that openness, correctly implemented, can make the world a better place. Unfortunately the corporation has lost its way over the years and few people seem to (externally at least) remember the manifesto let alone allow it to guide technical decisions.

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