Do you judge professional (as in earning money with it) developers when you see "… (UNREGISTERED)" in the title bar of their text editor / image processor / tool? — Not sure how I feel about it, but I do.

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Hat jemand in meiner Bubble Interesse an The Witcher 3 Complete Edition für Nintendo Switch? Ich habe das physikalisch und merke, dass es mich gar nicht interessiert

Because it's getting some boost, some clarification: doesn't have to be strictly static. Simple PHP script which takes raw data from PHP object, or markdown, or JSON would be fine as well. Even a super lightweight framework with sqlite backend, maybe. No WordPress though.

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Dear lazy web, I'm looking for a static site generator with support for events, i.e. should output a page with calendar view, an iCal/ics file, rss/atom for newly added and updated events. Any hints?

What a beautiful announcement video! Makes my occasional creations look even more amateurish. But yeah, great tool!

📢 "Inkscape 1.0 is here!"

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Wer keine eigene #BigBlueButton-Instanz hosten kann, kann jetzt @senfcall bzw. nutzen. Es ist meines Wissens die erste frei nutzbare BBB-Instanz. Ich bin ja von BBB sehr angetan, ist für die Lehre meines Erachtens etwas besser geeignet als jitsi, allerdings fehlt es noch an öffentlich zugänglichen Instanzen. Mehr zu BigBlueButton und anderen Tools für die Online-Lehre hier: und hier:

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Mutant Standard April 2020!

- Revamped smilies
- New hands
- New smilies
- A few new emoji
- Smaller SVGs
- Other visual fixes and improvements

More info:

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Streame derzeit häufig 🌌 Deep Sky Derelicts auf #twitch [mostly in German…] – taktisches "Dungeon"-Crawl-Kartenrollenspiel à la Darkest Dungeon mit viel nerdigem Statsrumgerechne. Wer sich davon einlullen lassen möchte, kann gern mal reinschauen. ⭐ Fav/Reply für Twitch-Link – oder findet mich 😜

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Does anyone know an alternative to but #opensource that you could host on your own server ?

#padlet #pad

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Could someone kindly recommend me a FOSS art catalogueing software which has a rather intuitive front-end?

Field of application is a private collection of non-digital art. A possibility to add audio files for artwork context e.g. "audio guide", orally provided information would be great. :)

Boosts and user experiences appreciated. :boost_ok:

I used many mail/#IMAP providers over the years, from huge to tiny. First time I encounter problems, weird behaviour, and performance hiccups is with Amazon . (via ) – anybody else?

Have you played a video game in the past month?

Do you have 10-15 minutes to complete a survey? …about frustrations and satisfaction in games.


/via 🐦 🔗

Advantage of a small flat: Bluetooth head phones work [almost] everywhere.

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Any Open Sources license specialist? What’s the best open source license that allow the users to do WTF they want EXCEPT selling the code/product or make money with it?

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What's your `tmux` prefix?
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Web tech is heck 

"If you added the combined word counts of the C11, C++17, UEFI, USB 3.2, and POSIX specifications, all 8,754 published RFCs, and the combined word counts of everything on Wikipedia’s list of longest novels, you would be 12 million words short of the W3C specifications."

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We were getting ready to announce this but apparently we've been scooped! We greatly appreciate the surge of premium subscriptions from users that can afford it. Your support enables us to provide our service to those that can't, because everyone deserves #privacy. #COVID19


💖I said it once, I'll say it again:
Check out - an encrypted #opensource alternative to G-Suite - and please support them


I know, critics are praising it everywhere, so here's my boring take: YES, Porridge Radio's "Every Bad" is f***ing fantastic! 🎶 Keep the world outside for a while, let the sun shine into your heart and listen to this great album!
(, vocals)

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