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Übrigens, meine 2¢ zum Thema #Tempolimit: 40¹/80²/120³. Vielen Dank für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit.⁴

¹ Kenne leider zu viele Leute, die im zweiten Gang durch die 30-Zone röhren.

² Drüber finde ich auf Brandenburger Alleen schon immer gruselig.

³ Erste Linie Umweltschutz. Fahre auch gern 140, aber im Mittel knackt man die 120 eh kaum.

⁴ Sagt der #auto-lose Großstädter im Homeoffice.

#verkehrswende #keingradmehr

Probably it’s just me getting old, but and have degraded in usability over the last years.

- Trello: boards, workspaces, favorites, recently seen, guest workspaces, search, the mixed notification bar. ➡️ Too many ways to find (or rather not) what you are looking for. No clear hierarchy. 👀

- Slack: (named) channels, unnamed "multi-DM" "channels", DMs, threads, mentions & reactions; (shared slacks); ⚠️ threads that appear split-screen next to an unrelated channel – wtf⁉️

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Im Studio 9 von Deutschlandfunk Kultur war Andreas Marx, Leiter des Deutschen Dürremonitors am Helmholtz Zentrum für Umweltforschung zu Gast. Ein fast zehnminütiges Interview über trockene Böden und die Gefahren einer Dauerdürre.

Seit 2018 sind wir in Deutschland in einer Dürrephase. Waldbrände nehmen zu. In immer mehr Kreisen gibt es deshalb schon Wasserentnahmeverbote und die private Wassernutzung wurde eingeschränkt. Die Grundwasserstände konnten bisher nicht wieder aufgefüllt werden. Die Seepegel in der Mecklenburgischen Seenplatte oder auch in den Seen von Brandenburg sind gefallen. Kleine Bäche sind ausgetrocknet.

Im Sommer muss das Wasser rationiert werden und man muss dann immer auf den nächsten Winter hoffen. Man braucht ein halbes Jahr überdurchschnittlichen Regen, um das Wasserdefizit wieder auszugleichen.


#klimawandel #podcast

I’ve just decided against following someone because besides a shared interest their feed is 20% soccer/football related — call me weird, but I like my timeline football free.

I know people struggle with running multiple accounts; I do. As often as it seems appropriate, just as often I’m unsure about where to post what.

How do you handle this? Did you find a middle ground? Is 20% off-topic too much?

Do I post about something that you’d like to see separated? Or merged?

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Really happy that seems to have a future. But why is in version 102 still the default storage format and not ?

Context 2: "my" indie "game" that I'll never earn a dime with is also not open-source, because, well, no reason actually, except shame maybe — ah, no, I remember, I bought assets and am unsure how to handle the mixed-license situation 🤔

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Context: I'm playing a game which is a) lacking translation and b) has various (what seems to me) low-hanging-fruit UI quirks, that I kinda want to contribute. But reaching out, I don't feel confident enough; if it was open-source, I would have checked out the repo already and tried my luck.

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I wish more were (code, not IP/art). People are still to hesitant; even if they barely make a living from it, and appear to be understaffed for the task. At least crowd-source the localization, please!

🔥 (Completely unfounded hot take, btw; teach me, if you feel seen!)

Walked about 5km for nothing, because I don’t have . It’s 🆗

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Anyone have suggestions of favorite media (video, audio, reading) for elementary-age kids to learn about the issues with capitalism and advertising and consumerism etc?

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Ich suche eine foss todo APP zum erstellen, bearbeiten und vor allem gemeinsamen abarbeiten von Aufgaben bzw. Aufgabenlisten.

MS Todo konnte genau das.

Über mailbox.org und davx funktioniert das teilen auf den Apps nicht. Also mit Tasks oder jtxboard..

Kennt ihr da eine Lösung??

#todo #foss #followerpower #android

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Over 4 billion people use the Web. Fewer than 10 million people use the Fediverse.

If you're a developer and wish to make the Fediverse more popular, building Fedi tools for users already in the Fediverse will barely change that number. Building Web services that just happen to have Fediverse integration will make for a massive change.

#ActivityPub #Fediverse #Developer #FLOSS #IndieWeb #Mastodon #PixelFed


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How well do you know your own neighborhood?

Select an area, get street names, click on the map where that street is.

Easy? Best og luck! backofyourhand.com/59.91792,10

#OpenStreetMap #Game

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@gitea needs your help to implement #ActivityPub 🙏

Browse the task list maintained by @ta180m at gitea.com/Ta180m/gitea/issues/, pick one and help #Gitea move towards #federation. If you are not sure how to help, just reply and someone in the @forgefriends community will guide you.

🚀 boost appreciated!

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In der Politik unpopular opinion:

Jede (!) Schule bräuchte neben Hausmeister*in in der heutigen Zeit eigentlich eine*n "IT-Meister*in"...falls 1 mal reicht. Aber ihr versteht was ich mein.

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I say story #games you say..... (recommendations, pls, under 30 hours preferred)

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