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Devs working on OSS side-projects.

Does your OSS work make you feel:

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My little #Twitch overlay chat game experiment (#godotengine) is slowly reaching a "works-for-me pre-alpha" state. I'm trying to figure out where to take it from here / if it's worth refining or offering for download (or sale *gasp*) somewhere.

📢 Anybody here with a typical concurrent viewer count of 10+ willing to test-drive it in their stream?

- cyberpunk-ish/fantasy themed
- a "chat supported team duel"
- takes about 100px on the bottom of the screen
- low-interactivity (people in chat *can* control it, but you don't have to)
- one match usually takes about 10min, so it might be a fit for your Stream Starting or Pause screens, if you don't want to run it the whole time (which I totally understand)

#linux #windows (untested)
#gamedev #Streaming

🎧 Been hooked to this Drum'n'bass/liquid remix for a full month now. Best work/study music for me. (The oversaturated chillhop genre just makes me sleepy most of the time.) soundcloud.com/u-fourier/no-vo 👍

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Der Öffentlich-rechtlicher Rundfunk (#ÖRR) ist im Fediverse / bei Mastodon nicht vorhanden.

Wir möchten das ändern!


➡ Follow
➡ teile Toots
➡ bringe Dich ein mit Vorschlägen & Ideen

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What a gem: vdo.ninja/

Fully configurable browser to browser audio, video and screenshare streaming.

#vdon #webrtc #obs #webcam #streaming

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RT @thingskatedid
if regular expressions are so good why aren't they called remarkable expressions

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I *love* unsubscribing from stuff. 🙌

In Firefox’ developer tools, network tab, why are the response headers listed *before* the request headers? Because you are usually more interested in the server response? From a flow/timeline perspective, listing the request first, would make more sense, no?

Since this week audio fails for my consistently on the first connect; after a reload it works fine. For anybody else?

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The Cycle: Frontiers (multi-player survival shooter, currently in open beta) is the first game with EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat) that just works™️ under recent (non-fiddled) #Proton. The beginning of the new #SteamDeck era?


#Gaming #LinuxGaming #EasyAntiCheat

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The #GodotEngine team just published a splendid showcase of upcoming indie games (that are part of the current Steam Next Fest) made with Godot.


(Godot is a powerful open source game engine that's becoming increasingly important for indie game development. Like Blender it will likely continue to make inroads there first before larger industry adoption -- though it was also used for the Switch port of Sonic Colors.)

Another observation: yes, your fancy mechanical keyboard (I *am* jealous; still looking for a ergo-split mech key with DE layout, btw!) sounds fantastic and some people watch the stream just for that. If it’s louder than your voice, though… the A in ASMR is for Annoying?

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Was browsing the Game Development category last night. Found some interesting folks/channels and their projects. But wow, the variety of coding styles made me almost dizzy. No two people sticking to the same conventions. But kinda fits the general hodgepodge of ideas, genres, languages/tools used, personalities, streaming and working styles that I found. Very diverse; with a certain focus on Unity, C#, JS/TS/Py of course – if you want to call that a focus still.

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You know what I want, I want a better option when some site says, "to access this file we need to see and download your entire address book". I want more than "yes" or "no". I want "lie to it." Give it an address book full of noise. Tell Dropbox I only know one person, but he's the Pope."

Ahh, the day’s duty is done when you can switch from the noise cancelling headphones to cozy open Sennheisers 😌

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Started playing/building a game prototype with #Godot. It sets the entry barrier pleasantly low, but still my inexperience with any game development shows. While GDScript is very pythonic in a way, #gamedev is very different from the #webdev I usually do.

(Not sure, why I’m posting this here, tbh. Maybe tell me to stick to it? I’d like to finish one of my side projects for once. "Finishing" == very limited but *working* prototype; nothing to publish.)


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Hat jemand in Berlin im Bereich Leipziger Straße, Nähe Leipziger Platz Zugang zu einem hohen Dach? Ich frage für einen Funk-Repeater, der dort für eine Grossdemo aufgestellt werden muss. #unteilbar

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Für meinen Kurzroman verschriftliche ich an einigen Stellen Morsecode. Was liest sich besser?

- Das offizielle lautmalerische "dahdahdah didahdit"
- Code als Zeichen "−−− ·−·"
- Informell "lang-lang-lang kurz-lang-kurz"

#writing #morse #schreiben #Literatur

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