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zerocal - A Serverless Calendar App in Rust Running on shuttle.rs by Matthias Endler: endler.dev/2022/zerocal/ #Rust #web

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sentiment/meme poll 

“Nostalgia is a drug”

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Kennt jemand von euch FLOSS für SocialMedia-Management?

Es muss nicht viel können, es würde schon reichen einen Beitrag auf Facebook, Twitter und Mastodon vorausgeplant veröffentlichen zu können zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt.

Ideen? 🙂

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Is there a name for this rhetorical trick?

1. A writer asserts that "anyone who still uses two spaces after a full stop is abusing the language."
2. The writer notes that their target "is one of those people who still uses two spaces."
3. From that point, the author and all their fans describe the target as "an abuser" and their work as "abusive" without clarification.
4. Anyone who tries to clarify is described as "an apologist for abusers".

I feel there has to be but can't think of it.

Scenario: You're married for 2+ years and have a "normally happy" relationship (just to exclude honeymooners and obviously failed marriages). It turns out your partner is/was cheating on you (more than a ONS, less than a secret second life) and you both know you know.

How likely will this result in a formal divorce of your marriage?

(Note: I'm not seeking advice here. All is fine. Just curious.)

🔖 Fine Tuning Stable Diffusion Images with Cross Attention Control | Reticulated


> Newly released tools give you much more control when refining prompts and images.

For the first time (in real code) I had to encode a string as UTF-16. The spec is a little unclear, but the UserComment tag in Unicode mode was only properly readable using UTF-16, and not UTF-8, at least with the CLI. Other programs don't recognize the tag at all. Worksforme™ now, but not really satisfactory, tbh. 😕


exif = image.getexif()
exif[0x9286] = b"UNICODE\x00" + data.encode("utf-16")

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Hey all, anybody who could put me in touch with a WebGL developer that has some experience with 360° video? There is a group forming that wants to add this as a feature to PeerTube. We have some initial funding for a planning phase and would need feedback from somebody who knows a bit about different 360° projection formats and how to make them appear in a browser.

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Do you think project management for a solo game developer is overkill and time consuming or is it important for a successful project?

Pls. #boost for a representative statement.

#gamedev #projectmanagement #indiedev #code #games #project

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Hans-Christian Ströbele ist am Dienstag gestorben. @tazgezwitscher trauert um ihren Mitgründer. Ein Nachruf von @Sontheimer. taz.de/Christian-Stroebele-ist

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>>> a, *_, b = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8]
>>> a
>>> b


Wird immer wichtiger in Deutschland oder bilde ich mir das ein? Ich habe mich dort noch nie wohlgefühlt – aber bin sicher auch kein Maßstab.

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Weil sich heute beim #FediTreffDresden einige gefragt haben, wie so das #Fedicamp war, hier nochmal mein kleiner Erfahrungsbericht (etwa 12 min, PeerTube):


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Use ? We want to hear from you! Help with our anonymous data collection campaign. blogs.gnome.org/aday/2022/08/2

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Watercolor and gouache on colored paper.
Crane beach, Massachusetts

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