OK folks, time for an essential .

“With a rested/relaxed face (and without a mirror, obviously), I can see…”

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Quarterly reminder: unsubscribe from all the things!

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Oof. If you were using any of the two #Python libraries mentioned in this article, you might want to regenerate your #SSH and #GPG keys and review your projects. #typosquatting #malware #security #pypi


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Uhhh, DragonPy will be a #Python conference in Ljubljana next year! dragonpy.com/

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Hey all, I'm writing a post about the best open-source alternatives to Google's Android apps. I already have a lot of the big ones (Firefox, ProtonMail, K-9 Mail, Signal, etc.), any more suggestions?

#android #oss

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Does anyone know a tif/tiff viewer for Windows 7 & 10 with which you can scroll through a multipage tif/tiff document with a mouse similar to scrolling through a pdf in Adobe Reader?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

#AskFediverse #FollowerPower

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State of JavaScript survey is up:


I filled it out even though I don't consider myself a JavaScript developer. I was going to ignore it but a friend said he'd filled it out because he too doesn't consider himself a JavaScript developer. Maybe that's what's needed in developer surveys.

#javascript #developer #survey

Music genre I should be a fan of (based on what else I like) but I'm not: Ska.

Obviously we need more (real) comedians in political offices.

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After a short search I could not find an #activitypub app for Q&A such as Stackoverflow. I guess that it needs a completely new approach and cannot just mimick Stackoverflow. Is anyone working on this? I don't feel good to use a central service when I need an answer. #fediverse

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Damn, Feedly have just jacked up their prices and reduced what they offer on their current 'Pro' tier.

Honestly, I thought £60ish a year was a lot for a RSS reader, but to get the same features I'm looking at £75ish now.

I also don't like the way they tried to slip it under the radar without telling me.

Does anyone know about any other good (non-self-hosted) RSS cloud services?

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Is there a PeerTube instance focussed on video- and/or boardgaming? Thinking about saving some of my Twitch "highlights" for the future.

Gerade ein Abo gekündigt, weil ich die Website des Anbieters bei gelegentlichem anonymen Aufruf, d.h. ohne die erkaufte Werbefreiheit, mittlerweile derart unzumutbar finde (400 Requests, 18 Tracker, …), dass ich das nicht länger unterstützen möchte.

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Der Staat hungert Schulen aus, Firmen springen ein. Dadurch kommen Lehrmittel voller Ideologie ins Klassenzimmer: freitag.de/autoren/der-freitag

➔ Tim Engartner (2019): Wie DAX-Unternehmen Schule machen Lehr- und Lernmaterial als Türöffner für Lobbyismus: otto-brenner-stiftung.de/filea

When your Internet connection at home is 50 times faster than your company’s crappy line … Luckily I don‘t have to deal with large files that often. 😠

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Just found this opensource.com article about Greenpeace becoming an 'open source' organisation. Quite ironic, since a few months ago I met one of their principal IT managers, who openly mocked our efforts to use #foss and #opensource IT in-house. Greenpeace relies 100% on Google's Gsuite. Any comparison with fair trade coffee was met with a "yeah but this is easier, we just don't care about Google's dubious side."


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