What's not visible is how the last couple hours were a wild dash to fix gitlab pages for both of them... Morale of the story: if possible, don't do releases the day after taking a covid vaccine. Same excuse goes for however many typos the blog post has. :p

Though not really as the bug is there since monday... Still in a commit made in a haste - and it's in the code that handles dark/hc styles without hardcoding Adwaita. That code is ridiculously complex, and of course Libadwaita is unaffected as it just doesn't try to do that.

@exalm Hah, the only thing I plan for after jabs is sleeping :D

@dos oh I did, for half a day or so. Then the bank called me that my card is ready so I needed to go pick that up (great timing), then at the evening I felt good enough to do releases, though not fantastic in general. :)

@exalm I hope you're recovering well! I hear the modern a vaccine can hit hard.

@maltimore yeah, mostly fine today so far. Still have a heaviness in my right arm, but that will likely go away tomorrow too.

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