Ok, and the last part of the dark preference has landed - a uniform compositor-side crossfade like in macOS, iOS or (WIP) elementary OS. Now I'm happy.

Note: this may look laggy, but this is a recording of a VM. It's much smoother when it's not being recorded. Ditto the tearing.

@exalm this is the kind of details people somehow think only Apple knows how to do – and I can’t wait to see more of it :blobcatpopcorn:

@xerz heh, I mean, it _is_ a copy of an Apple feature. :) macOS does it pretty much exactly the same way.

@exalm wonderful ! do you also have a dark theme on nautilus or not yet ?

@Carnet yes, by now all core apps are handled. Nautilus almost missed it though - it merged the GTK4/libadwaita port pretty early on, but it has become clear that it won't be ready in time and it reverted like 2 days ago. But it has implemented dark support separately, so it will work fine.

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