Well, dark backgrounds have landed. And here I was thinking it's an unproductive day waiting for webkit to build.

So I'm quite happy with dark preference now, even if there's no scheduling yet - that's GNOME 43 territory at this point, but someone will make an extension anyway.

And now @jimmac has made a dark version of the VNC.jpg background as well, so all of the default backgrounds have dark versions.

@exalm … kinda sad that the "prefer-light" setting doesn't seem to have made it into the release. I was hoping for an actual "Light" mode setting that would brighten up apps like eog and totem :/

@kepstin I mean it is there, just not in the ui. You can set it with dconf-editor.

That said, eog doesn't use the new API so won't work with it anyway, and totem sets force-dark because it's _very_ broken with light variant.

Boxes and Connections do support it though.

@exalm Good job! I was hoping the scheduling to be part of 42, so that I could remove all the scheduling code from my extension. I guess Night Theme Switcher will still have a use for now!

@rmnvgr too late in the cycle for that, and there are still unresolved questions there :)

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